Best books for kids – by Claire Pugh

best kids books

Long time ago Claire, a reader of my blog then, sent me the sweetest e mail. Just like that. From the heart and very touching. By now we are exchanging e mails when time allows and I dread to meet and hug her one day.
Claire is the lady behind Cloud Cuckoo Design and a mum of three.
She lives in the UK with her husband and Maude 6, Coco 4 and Arlo 20 months.

Lets see the books they chose:

1. The Worst Princess.
Love Princess Sue or as my reading buddy insists Princess Coco.
Fab story about a princess with a feisty twist, puts the prince in his place and teams up with a dragon …. fabulous for any mighty girl!

2. I Want My Hat Back.
Beautiful illustrations, very few words and incredibly funny with the surprising twist and disappearance!

3. Pippi Longstocking.
The first ‘big’ non picture book Maude read and what is not to love about character Pippi Longstocking.

4. Wow said The Owl
You get to say “Wow” pretty much every time you turn the page and to add the illustrations are fun and colourful. A book about colour enjoyed by all three.

5. Paper Dolls.
Beautiful illustrations, lovely catchy words….
“Ticky and Tacky
and Jackie the Backie
and Jim with two noses
and Jo with the bow.
As well as loving this little girls imagination and the paper dolls adventures this book inspires you to makes your own paper dolls (which we do as often as read this delightful book)
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