The beautiful kids room of Zoi, Bianca and Gaia

The beautiful kids rooms of Zoi, Bianca and Gaia
Today we are going to Poland and the home of a very inspiring family. I am a big fan of mama Monika Lenarczyk and her magic touch when it comes to photography. Probably the main reason why she is, sadly, not blogging on Kaszka z mlekiem anymore. Photo jobs and, of course, her family!

No wonder that I love her home just as much. Her eye and great feeling for mixing genres and designs is a feast. Lets have a look into the room of her three girls – Zoi, Bianca and Gaia.

A lovely mix of vintage, girly stuff, finds and above all – attention to detail. Garlands (oh how I love them), cute lamps, cushions and beautiful bed covers. Just like I like it, the walls are white to give all the attention to the toys and accessories.

It is a cute room, no question. And I love the mix…

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