Back to School 2019 – lunchboxes, water bottles & snack bags!

Back to School 2019 - lunchboxes


Lunchboxes, water bottles, snack bags and boxes. You probably have a cupboard or drawer full of those in your house as well!

Whether you need to send a packed lunch, a snack or just a bottle filled with water – what you want is something safe, practical and fun. And because your child will appreciate a colourful and fun take on the lunchbox game (and I bet you do too) I picked out a few options that fit perfectly.

Of course, all the boxes and bottles come in handy for picnics, playground visits or a treat on the go as well. That is why I want to emphasize to please say no to no to single use plastic bottles – re-usable is the best way to stay cool. And for the snacks, the planet-friendly Stasher pouches and re-usable bee’s wax wraps make excellent alternatives to single-use bags or cling film.

So after yesterday’s selection of backpacks for every age, today I am showing you my favourite Back to School lunchboxes and co:


1. Natural bamboo lunchbox* with a separator and available in lots of fun colours.

2. When you want to send something warm like pasta, soup or a stew, this insulated box* is your friend. And it looks really great too!

3. Smaller size – 300ml* – which is perfect for smaller children!

4. Multi Bento box* with 3 compartments!

5. Racoon lunch bag with a heat sealing technology that keeps food fresh and crumb free!

6. Beeswax wraps are the best alternative to cling film. On top they are re-usable and come in really cute patterns!

7. Bear shaped snack box.

8. This is one roar-some lunch bag! Including mesh drinks pocket and insulated lining to keep the lunch cool.

9. Cute set of small boxes that are perfect for little snacks such as berries, crackers or cheese cubes.

10. Ditch plastic and go stainless steel when it comes to water bottles. This one come sin many cool colours and holds 600ml, perfect for older children!

11. Stylish bottle* that comes with two different bottle tops.

12. Stashers! Re-usable food bags that are perfect for little snacks.



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