A breezy dream home with airy dream kids rooms

airy dream kids rooms
The three best friends Bonnie, Lana & Erin from three birds renovations just finished one big project. Bonnie’s dream home.

Bonnie has four children, a dog and a big house that was just turned into the home she always dreamed about.
You can see all revealed rooms as well as ‘before’ pictures here and get a glimpse how a big that project was.

She’s been dreaming about this for over a decade and planned for the last 5 years. Bonnie started cataloguing ideas in her mind of what she would do one day if it were her home! And this is the result. Including some seriously cool kids rooms…

And yes there is a lot of ‘dream’ all over here but wow… I mean. This is a very special house… including some dream kids rooms!
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airy dream kids rooms

Bonnie has four boys and the rooms are divided in into ‘couples’. Two boys per room.

airy dream kids rooms

airy dream kids rooms

Bunk bed and toddler bed from Rafa Kids. The ride-on is from Wishbone. Bunting from Numero 74.


airy dream kids rooms

airy dream kids rooms

Bathroom envy anyone? Me!

airy dream kids rooms

Totally in love with those tiles. All of them. Love the colours, shapes and how they work together! And a special wash station for the dogs? How cool is that?

What do you think about this project? Anything you will take away for your own catalogue called ‘My future dream home’?



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