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Best books for kids – by Peggy Juche

best kids books

Today it is my turn to share our favourite books.
You probably know that this is my universe here and that I am currently living in Sweden. We are a French/ German family so the books we own are a wild mix of both worlds plus some English.
The kids are 20 months, 4 years and nearly 7 right now!

1. We all love Le Soldat Rose. And is not only a book. It is a play, a CD and a story. We own all :)
We watch the play on DVD, we hear the songs and storylines in the car and read the book in the evening. The songs are great and liked by small and big people.
A little boy called Joseph, not very happy in the grown up world, lets himself lock up in a big department store because he wants to live with the toys. A story and many great songs about him and and his new friends.
Le Soldat Rose II came out not long ago and is as good as the first edition! In French!

2. We have many many books from Oliver Jeffers and all are very much loved. This was the first of the collection and the story still gives me watery eyes every time we read it. Lost and Found – a very beautiful film was made after the book as well! Must see and read as all other OJ books.

3. I grew up with The Little Mole and all my kids love it as well. A very charming and always helpful character that teaches you a lot about friendship!

4. I got this book because I was looking for something to learn German. A good mix and learn and play and a friend told me about tiptoi! Audio books in various themes that work with a pen. Every page has different “things to do”. You can discover and learn, you can play games, listen to little stories, hear songs and much more. Basically everything you see you can touch with the pen and it will tell you what you see and then directs you to the next steps. Or you decide play and follow the instructions. Many possibilities and lots to discover!

5. A beautiful book that touches your heart! A little rabbit cannot go to daycare because it is snowing so much. He is excited and wants to play but on the other side his dad cannot come home from his business trip because of the snow. Great illustrations, a real life story and same as with Oliver Jeffers, this is just one book of many we have from Komako Sakai.
{exists in French and English too}
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Best books for kids – by Claire Pugh

best kids books

Long time ago Claire, a reader of my blog then, sent me the sweetest e mail. Just like that. From the heart and very touching. By now we are exchanging e mails when time allows and I dread to meet and hug her one day.
Claire is the lady behind Cloud Cuckoo Design and a mum of three.
She lives in the UK with her husband and Maude 6, Coco 4 and Arlo 20 months.

Lets see the books they chose:

1. The Worst Princess.
Love Princess Sue or as my reading buddy insists Princess Coco.
Fab story about a princess with a feisty twist, puts the prince in his place and teams up with a dragon …. fabulous for any mighty girl!

2. I Want My Hat Back.
Beautiful illustrations, very few words and incredibly funny with the surprising twist and disappearance!

3. Pippi Longstocking.
The first ‘big’ non picture book Maude read and what is not to love about character Pippi Longstocking.

4. Wow said The Owl
You get to say “Wow” pretty much every time you turn the page and to add the illustrations are fun and colourful. A book about colour enjoyed by all three.

5. Paper Dolls.
Beautiful illustrations, lovely catchy words….
“Ticky and Tacky
and Jackie the Backie
and Jim with two noses
and Jo with the bow.
As well as loving this little girls imagination and the paper dolls adventures this book inspires you to makes your own paper dolls (which we do as often as read this delightful book)
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Best books for kids – by Sandra

best kids books
Sandra launched new kids clothes brand Cherry Papaya not long ago and together with daughter Sophia she is sharing their 5 favourite books today:

1. The game of mix and match– Hervé Tullet

We love all of Hervé Tullet books, but this was one of the first books Sophia received, first I started making the combinations and now she does them herself.

2. My red balloon– Kazuaki Yamada

This was one of the first books Sophia read herself….she memorized all the sentences, as they are small and simple, and pretended she was reading the book.
I’m a complete fan of the illustrations.

3. The very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle

Again we love the illustrations, and is a good book to read when they start counting.

4. You are all my favorites Sam Mcbratney

I’m expecting a baby, Sophia is very happy with this new situation. I’m not sure how she will react when the baby is born but I like to read this book now.

5- Cantar juntos
I have to talk about this Portuguese book for the whole family to sing together. We are all addicted to the songs now sweet and poignant. The illustrations are from Planeta Tangerina, we love them!!
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Best books for kids – by Fadila

best kids books

Fadila lives in Casablanca, Marokko and is one of the first bloggers I interacted with when I started Paul&Paula. We met a few times and she is a very kind person. Fadile write Un Blog, Une Maman and her daughter is 6 years old.

Here are their 5 books:

1. Mon Zamie, Alain Mets: the author is actually one of her favorites now. She must have 5 books written by him and she is asking for more. She had the chance to meet him recently at school and he signed the copy of Mon Zamie she has. Alain Mets writes beautifully for kids with a lot of wit, humor and little messages that they can relate to and easily understand.

2. Good Night San Francisco, Adam Gamble – She likes to look at the pictures and hear me read her the story as it reminds us of our trip last year in California. It is a good excuse for us to ask me again and again about what we did and what we saw during this trip.

3. Casse Noisette, Elodie Fondacci – This is actually a CD and a book featuring the famous ballet The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. It is part of a collection by Radio Classique (the French Radio for Classical Music) aimed at kids that makes the big composers accessible to them (and honestly, to adults like me as well). We listen to it in the car but also at home and she loves to dance to the music and follow the story using the book.

4. Le Mariage de Tata Keltoum (in Arabic) – As part as her bilingual education, we try to read as much Arabic children books as we can. This is actually a nice story about the Moroccan rituals surrounding a traditional wedding. She still yet has to attend one in real life :)

5. Péronnille la chevalière – Marie Darieussecq & Nelly Blumenthal – This is a great unconventional story about a girl whose job is being a fearless knight. She actually asks to marry a prince who does nothing but play music all day long, and she has to go trough some stupid tests to show her worth (does it ring any bells?). And the end is quite great ! We love to read it together and make fun of all this and include all the silly stories about princesses, Disney included)
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Best books for kids – by Isabel Robles Salgado

best kids books

Isabel lives in Berlin and is one part of one of my very favourite blogs – little years. Her son Xaver just turned one this last March. I am very excited that I will meet her in Berlin this week end.

Lets look at their favourite books:

1. Piep, Piep, Piep: Das Buch der Geräusche // Soledad Bravi

Xaver just turned one, and reading stories to him isn’t really his favorite thing yet. Or wait a minute, it is! But he also loves to rip out the pages while reading so we still focus on books with thick pages, feel-books, and alike. I once tried the Gruffalo, one page is already missing, so I left it aside for later. His absolute favorite at the moment is Piep Piep Piep, he loves the pictures and the sounds and I love them too! I also have the feeling that he already starts recognizing animals and their sounds. Let’s hope, he’ll soon recognize the plug as well – it says a big NO :) It’s a lovely and really well illustrated book for 1 year olds and I haven’t met one who didn’t love it!

2. Schlaf gut, kleiner Bär by Quint Buchholz

This is one of the rare story-books, I really read to him already. At night, when he’s all sleepy and tired, and doesn’t have enough energy left to destroy it! He really seems to love the bear, keeps on pointing on details, and I have the feeling, it calms him down. From my side, I love this story, it’s so old-fashioned, but cute, and it provides such good energy…

3. Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt by Eric Carle

We also love die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt by Eric Carle. A Classic! Xaver is still fascinated by the all the things the little caterpillar eats, much more than by the butterfly! I find this funny, because it fits so well. Xaver is such a good eater, he loves food, and doesn’t loose interest in ANY kind. I mean ANY! Pickles, Capers, Anchivos, he eats it all! Another favorite is the feel-book by Eric Carle. It doesn’t really have much to do with the original story, but there’s lots to do and feel, and Xaver can spent hours surveying and exploring every single page.

4. Bitte anstellen! by Tomoko Ohmura

Another thing we play with and read about everyday is animals of any kind. We have one book that imitates animals sounds, and we also love Bitte anstellen! by Tomoko Ohmura. It’s just so sweet and so clever. I also love the message: waiting, being patient, it’s worth it sometimes! A lesson we all have to learn, right?

5. Everybody poos by Taro Gomi

Maries {the other half of little years} favorite kids book, and I also think it’s brilliant: Everybody poos by Taro Gomi. Even though potty training is far away yet, I’m sort of already looking forward to see Xaver getting into the poo-topic. With this book, it’s gonna be a fun and easy approach.
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