80’s family villa outside with lots of surprises in the inside

scandinavian kids room

Don’t you love a good surprise? When you see this house from the outside, you would probably not think to step into this beautiful haven of a family home.

Karin and HÃ¥kan are lkiving here with their two children, and they were convinced it would be their future family home the moment they stepped inside. The house is located in a sought after residential neighborhood, called Danderyd, in the suburbs of Stockholm.

Today the house is a lovely mix of modern and vintage. Many fleamarket finds meet design classics in a white and light filled setting. Very Scandinavian and very charming…

scandinavian interior

scandscandinavian interiorscandinavian interiorinavian interior

That wooden cabinet is gorgeous and I love the gallery wall with the different prints, frames and little objects. A great inspiration!


scandinavian kitchen

scandinavian kitchen

Have you ever seen a private kitchen that has completely tiled walls and floors? It is interesting because this could easily look like a canteen. But with the plants, soft appliances, old-fashioned fittings and some open storage it feels very homely.

By the way, the couple took down the wall between the kitchen and living room and installed a bigger kitchen onto the large dining room.


scandinavian kids room

scandinavian kids room

And then the children’s room. Very romantic, very fresh and decorated with a lovely eye for detail. I love that little sofa in the corner, such a cute spot to hang out and read a book.

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Via Skonahem

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