8 cutest one-piece swimsuits for mums

8 cutest one-piece swimsuits for mums

I am the first to admit that having children did not get unnoticed by my body. More the opposite. And I know that I am not alone!

Some of us have very generous genes and yet most of us deal with some kind of a little bump here or there. And we are fine with that because it is a part of us and shows that a little person was inside of us. (typing this makes the whole thing even more interesting, because we should probably be very proud of those little bumps or however you like to call them)

But, of course, there are moments we would like to hide them a little. At the beach or pool for example…

Great news – we are in 2019 and one-piece swimsuits are totally back, come in the cutest and trendiest styles and are perfect for our mum bodies!

Because in the end all that counts is: You want and need to feel good. You want a suit that tucks in your tummy, that does not cut into your thighs and that makes you feel fantastic. Because we are women who happen to be mothers and also have bodies!

Here are 8 one-piece swimsuits that are a great start to feeling amazing and that I think are just super cute:

8 cutest one-piece swimsuits for mums

Clockwise from top left:

1. Seersucker material with embossed texture and cute buttons on the straps. Very chic one-piece.

2. Gingham panels for a cool look. Not on the cheap side but definitely a stunning piece.

3. There is a review about this fab suit* that says: The one piece of my dreams! I’ve been searching for something that fits my mama body without screaming I’M A MOM. This suit is IT. Perfectly retro while still feeling fresh, not too high cut and supremely flattering. The suit is thick and holds everything in just right while not cutting into my thighs. Love the horizontal striped band around the waist. And the bow on the shoulder up-levels it in the best way. I guess there is nothing to add…

4. Boom! That colour made me fall in love with that suit* right away. The shape is super cute and it is body-sculpting too. I am sure you will get lots of compliments in this one…


8 cutest one-piece swimsuits for mums

Clockwise from top left:

1. Honeycomb texture (love! feels so luxurious) and lovely pom pom detail. Very flattering one-piece* and in a classic navy colour.

2. Cross back suit in a very flattering shape and cute print.

3. So gorgeous and those crochet/ embroidery details are the D E A L! I love the blue colour* but the magenta* is equally fantastic. (on sale)

4. It starts with simple yet very cute navy suit* and ends in a ‘wooooow’ with these cool and vibrant straps in the back.


Have a great summer, you will look splendid wherever you decide to jump into the water!


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