22 fun things for a sunny March!

22 fun things for a sunny March!
Yes, Yes! Today is the 1st of March. Already! I really hope that you are located somewhere where you could enjoy some Spring-like days already as well. Here in London it was amazing and our batteries got such a good recharge.

We put our little garden together and even had lunch outside on some days. It is crazy right?

But I also kept track on everything that caught my eye over the last weeks and voila, a new Friday list is born. 22 things I have. Lots of interior (mainly from researches for my Interior Tuesday articles), some Etsy finds and, of course, a few things for mums too.


paris kids room white floor
Cool Paris home designed by Charlotte Fequet.

OMG. This shirt* has summer all over it.


slow fashion kids
Slow Fashion* from Minsk.

If you have a thing for textiles, you’ll love this!


scandinavian home office
Home Office Scandi Style. Via Jonas Ingerstedt.

One of my favourite Instagram accounts at the moment.


gauze cotton kids clothes
When I say sunny, I mean sunny. And this cute shop called Sunny Afternoon* has the best gauze cotton pieces for the little ones.

New talent. 9 photographers to check out.


wild honey apparel
Wild Honey Apparel. la la la love these T-shirts.


I get that we’re in a time where minimal-style kids clothing is having a real moment. You know the type I’m talking about – linen, rompers, muted colours, beige (So. Much. Beige!), kind of Amish – but I feel really conflicted about the whole thing. On the one hand, the colours and styles are undoubtedly gorgeous, but on the other hand, these colours and styles don’t do much to entice little people to get dressed and have fun. I strongly believe happy clothes – colour, easy-wear-silhouettes and unrestricted shapes – are better for children both mentally and physically.

Refreshing talk about kids clothes!


Cute ceramic mobiles.

Cute sweater for Spring. For us, mums!


Soft kids room.

Easter wall stickers* from Belle & Boo.


little cotton clothes
little cotton clothes
Little Cotton Clothes.

Bilingual babies focus better.


dodo bar or 2019
Dodo Bar Or – I am saving up!

The most incredible birth photos.


wooden tool box set
Wooden tool* box set.

How to say NO!

To finish – I loved watching this Lady Gaga performance?


Happy weekend friends and see you back here on Monday! xoxo


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