20 marvellous things for your weekend!

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Bonjour! I am off to Paris this afternoon, for a week end of Playtime fun. My reports from the shows will follow soon. Hopefully I will find some new and exciting brands and collections. And I hope to see some of the snow that covered Paris this week.

But before I will head out, I have this Friday list of things that caught my eye for you. Please enjoy!

Also, I started to write the ‘after the move’ article this week. Bullet points so far. But I really want to share some details, share that these changes affect everyone and that we also deal with emotional roller-coasters and children looking for their place in the world.


kids room design
VT Wonen put together a few design classics for the kids room and did a fab room styling. Love it.

Luna Luna is where princess dreams and ballerina wishes come true.


baby cashmere blanket
Beautiful ultra soft 100% baby cashmere blanket. Made from the finest Mongolian cashmere yarn, a lovely keepsake for years to come.

I love turquoise and it makes such a great summer accessories colour. That necklace is on my wishlist!


linen dress girls
Beautiful linen clothes by Mama Lama.

I love yellow. Especially on boys. And especially for Spring. Sweater love!

Cherries are the fruit of the season. And this cherry print dress from Bonpoint is not just really pretty, it has an OK price tag (for Bonpoint) too.


waldorf doll play set studio escargot
These play sets from Studio Escargot are too cute for words.

Magic Night Light. Rechargeable, turns itself off automatically after 45 minutes and it has a replaceable light filter: either white light or star-shaped. And you can create your own filter with drawings or images. WANT!


rainbow necklace kids
Sweet rainbow necklace – makes for a lovely little gift.

Brrrr, it is cold outside. Skin Food is my go to at the moment. And yours?


modern hallway aussie bungalow
During European winter time I like to look at houses in Australia. Like this bungalow in Melbourne.

Very simple, stylish and practical these bags. For mums and dads.


east hampton house
Or how about this place on the Fire Island? But it is winter there too now. Ha!

A visit from your mother. Let’s giggle over that article.


Teasy & Friszi. It is the details that do all the magic!

Atelier Zooz.


wooden australian animals
KK – Kangaroo & Koala set. never enough wooden toys.

Pill desk.


scandinavian bedroom
On Tuesdays I share inspiring family homes. But of course I see lots of other cool spaces too, so some of them I share here then. Like this cool flat.

Happy weekend friends!


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