12 best gifts for Little Explorers

12 best gifts for Little Explorers

Every child loves to be outside. Run free and wild. And they all love to make things. Collecting sticks, building forts, inspecting insects and so on… the possibilities are endless once you stepped outside.

I researched a bit and found some really fun as well as helpful toys and tools to make the journey even more interesting and worth-wile. The 12 best gifts for Little Explorers!

Lets start with my finds:

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1. Smartscope – examine finds and put them under the microscope. Use a smartphone or tablet to explore!

2. EXPLORE t-shirt – more colours available.

3. Potion making kit.

4. Wooden magnifying glass.

5. Colour my world globe.

6. Action Cam – a light and multi-functional action camera just for children. It is a great first video camera and is durable enough to handle drops and tumbles. It can go anywhere and do anything and comes with two included mounts to attach to bikes, skateboards and more. It also comes with a waterproof case!

7. Sturdy binoculars.

8. pl-ug sets – a kit of clamps, hooks, suckers and grips to create dens from household finds.

9. Personalized travel & adventure journal.

10. This outdoor explorer kit comes with the essentials. It includes a real compass, mirror, messenger bag, and a journal to note down all observations.

11. Stick-lets – these durable, reusable and weather-resistant joints help to build forts, toys, tipi’s and much more. Use them to lash together various sizes of scavenged sticks.

12. Lots and lots of ideas on things to do outside… always good to get inspiration.


PS: I found a great little list for you. 50 ideas to do outside. I am sure you can tick a few boxes but maybe there is something new, some inspiration for the next walk in the park. Have a look!



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