The 10 best ‘stuck at home’ craft ideas with the kids!

The 10 best 'stuck at home' craft ideas with the kids:

Yesterday we announced to the children that tomorrow school will be open for the last time. Until further notice.
We had very mixed reactions over the news.

Leonor started crying and when I told her that we will do school work at home she came up with a waterfall of ideas and did not stop talking for a while. Romy, my little super brain, is concerned on how to keep up with the curriculum. Whilst Antoine started to make ‘reward cards’ for everyone. Now, this shall be fun.

And, yes I did start a schedule that we will try to follow. But realistically will be more a guideline seeing that we have to guide, help, and stay cool with 4 children of different ages next to our own workload.

Next to some math and science I also put things like music and art on our schedule. And that is why I thought it would be good to share some great ideas to inspire and help you as well. And of course, schools closed or not, having some craft ideas handy is never a bad idea.

The 10 best ‘stuck at home’ craft ideas with the kids:


The Shoe Box Mansion
This idea is fantastic and would allow to keep on going over a few days or as long as you want it really. Starting with the structure and adding details. Of course you can add boxes and make it bigger with time. Plus, it is great to do with your siblings. Team building activity :)


magna tiles window

Magna Tiles Window

So easy and great when you need to entertain a younger sibling whilst the older children need to finish their school work. I love the idea of placing the magna tiles on the window, but there are even more fun ways and ideas for them!


salt dough rainbow diy

Salt Dough

To make salt dough you need: 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of salt. Mix, mould, and shape into anything you like. And once you are done you bake it in the oven (180C) until hard. fantastic to make ornaments, tiny bowls, or rainbows… rainbows are great these days to lift the mood.
For the rainbow DIY please follow this link.



Egg Carton Art
Super easy to set up and everyone can join! You only need egg cartons and paint. The rest your child’s imagination will come up with…



Painted Branches
Another great one and you could pick up branches during a walk outside. Paint them and even adorn them with anything you have in the house. They will make great decoration as well.



XOXO Painting
At first sight this might be more for teenagers but I think everyone can have a go. Show them the images and the idea of the project and let them go about. I find this a great activity for a soothing moment. Just concentrating on your painting.



Paper Robot
Your kids could come up with their own robot or use the template provided by La Maison de Loulou.



Paper Plate Snake
I ordered a big pack of white paper plates yesterday because they are so versatile when it comes to kids crafts. One idea is this fun paper snake that involves bubble wrap paper too.


cardboard rainbow mobile

Rainbow Mobile
More rainbows and more decoration. Our house will probably look like a museum and we can open for an arts tour when things go back to normal again. But this rainbow mobile is really so easy to make. And lovely as well!
And we definitely need lots of rainbows these days.



Cupcake Liner Flowers
Another simple craft idea that involves things you most likely have in the house already. Simple white cupcake/muffin liners, pens, paper straws, and imagination. That’s it. Some sustainable flowers for your kitchen table coming up!

Altogether some wonderful DIY ideas. But I have a few more if you like: Wooden Bead Necklace  / DIY kite / Dotty Tshirt / Button Heart


PS: We will sit over the plan all together this weekend and I am happy to share it once ready and approved. Let me know if that interests you.

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