Beautiful harmonizing tones in this Stockholm family apartment

Stockholm family apartment

Oh my, when I started looking at this apartment I was just so charmed by the beautiful harmonizing tones.The wall colours are so well chosen. And reflect stunningly with the natural light. So inspiring!

And as a little pre-warning, today’s Interior Tuesday will be short (ish). I am volunteering a good amount of time at my children’s primary school and the big Christmas Party is coming up in less than 3 weeks. Which means I am in full Christmas Mood and there are many post its and other to-do lists decorating my desk.
But back to this stunning place, that next to the colour palette shows off some gorgeous original details, herringbone parquet, mirrored doors, high ceilings, and a fireplace. Oh yes, all of that!

Plus an extraordinary cute children’s room of course:


Stockholm family apartment

Stockholm family apartment

Stockholm family apartment

Stockholm family apartment

Beautiful teal walls, cute decor, simple and fun. True Scandinavian style!

The neighbourhood around Regeringsgatan is lovely and it is easy to forget that you are in the middle of central Stockholm. From parks, restaurants, cinemas, to cool cafes and little shops.


Stockholm family apartment

Stockholm family apartment
Enjoy this space and I am wishing you a great afternoon.

I have another gift guide for you as well as some fantastic DIY kits this week. Stay tuned!


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Gift Guides 2019 – Stocking Fillers for the whole family

Stocking Fillers

Hello new week. With sunshine and a beautiful crisp morning! I am ready continue my gift guides and today it is all about stocking fillers for the whole family!

Which is quite a multi-functional guide actually. And somehow the word ‘stocking filler’ implements small gifts, advent calendar gifts, a little treat for somebody special, or indeed when shopping around for stocking fillers.

I grew up in Germany and Christmas Stockings were not a thing. But we would celebrate Nikolaus on the 6th of December. A tradition where children clean their shoes on the night of the 5th and put them in front of the door. The next morning we would find a small gift or some chocolates inside the shoes. Therefore, if you are a Nikolaus person, this guide is good for you.

At the end of the post you can find a list of all Gift Guides that will be published for this year and I will update the links once they go live.

Ho Ho Ho and some lovely festive weeks until Christmas from me to you!

Please find now my Gift Guide for Stocking Fillers for the whole family:


1. Socks can be a boring present. But not these and their brothers and sisters. Cool socks* are a thing!

2. Wooden toy camera*. Adorable and simply beautiful.

3. Beautiful hand made and hand painted wooden figurines* for endless play!

4. So fun! Apple teething ring*. Hand made, ecological and biodegradable. And it can be can be used for teething, as a bath toy or a decorative object.

5. A must-have for environmental conscious friends. These reusable straws* can be used with hot or cold drinks. The set contains 6 straws and a straw cleaning brush.

6. 100% pure Rosehip Seed Oil* that is both cold-pressed and organic.

7. Great little box of shapes* that is easy to bring along when out and about or on a holiday.

8. Cute mouse in a baby moses basket. Too adorable.

9. Cute cross stitch kit* with everything to get started right away.

10. These fun animal wash clothes* will make bath time endlessly fun. So cute!

11. The healthy Kinder Surprise in a Christmas Format! The PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Box contains 2 x 10g individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic dairy free chocolates and a delightful Christmas card toy to assemble

12. These crayons* are double-sided. On one-side you can find block colours and on the other a multi-coloured pattern. Giving your little ones twice as many options!


Happy gifting and stay tuned for more gift ideas over the following days…


Gift Guides 2019 overview:

* Stocking Fillers

* Mum & Dad aka grown ups

* Christmas Decor

* Baby

* Kids

* Family Games

* Books

* Teens




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The Corduroy Edit!

The Corduroy Edit!

One of the season’s big things is definitely corduroy. Once popular in the 60’s and 70’s it is back and comes in lots of modern styles and shapes.

It’s story, however, started way before that. And it was first popular during the 1700s in France and England, where it was named corde du roi, or “cord of the king.”

Personally, I always liked corduroy as a lovely alternative to denim for boys. Corduroy derives from fustian fabric and is most commonly composed of tufted cords.

Browsing through my favourite shops I can spot a lot of cool styles, from shorts to dungarees. And from winter jackets to baby dresses.

Here is my selection of the best corduroy kids styles:


1. Cute corduroy dungarees* for babies up to 8 years!

2. Dusty pink dungarees*! Especially cool for tweens…

3. Salopette dress* in soft pink. Comfy fit with an elastic back.

4. My 12 year old has this skirt* and I love it on her.

5. Great accessories can complete your look to perfection. This cool embroidered satchel* is such an eye catcher!

6. Perfect navy blue pants* for every day and so easy to dress up for a party or special occasion.

7. Gorgeous flounced corduroy dress* in mauve.

8. Sweet shorts* with decorative buttons.

9. Two trends in one – corduroy and wide leg! Comfy, chic, and cool pants*! Love the rust colour but there is also indigo and powder pink available.

10. Warm organic cotton jacket* in grey blue (or pink).

11. Perfect your outfit with this twist headband*.

12. Adorable romper* in an equally adorable colour.


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Wooden alphabet blocks with corresponding characters

Wooden alphabet blocks

My heart really skipped a beat when I stumbled upon these amazing wooden alphabet blocks.

Designed by Yoo Hye-rim and language expert, Yu Hye-jin, these alphabet blocks* are a wonderful way to combine learning with creative play.

Because the wooden letters are combined with corresponding characters, including a busy bee, cute koala bear and a slithery snake. So wonderful and so cute! The Korean brand, aims to develop ‘design thinking’ by way of imaginative stories and object making. The blocks are crafted from a combination of beech and walnut wood.

This alphabet block set includes 60 pieces and will provide endless fun for your little one, while bringing an educative touch to creative play:

Wooden alphabet blocks

Wooden alphabet blocks

The set includes the complete alphabet games in all forms, and each letter has corresponding shapes that children can find and match together in different ways and themes. Therefore making it a wonderful set for storytelling and/ or decoration in the home. Some pieces even have magnets inside, allowing kids to build them up easily. The perfect way to mix learning and play!

A truly innovative and irresistibly sweet alphabet block set!,

Bonus: It comes with a picture book, storage bag, and a sturdy drawer box.


Wooden alphabet blocks

Wooden alphabet blocks
I find this such a wonderful toy, perfect gift (Hello Christmas!), heirloom set, and original design. It is one of those things where you thought that you have seen all possible variations.

Let your children form their favourite words, animals or foods and display them on a wooden shelf as a unique decoration, or use them to spark imaginative storytelling with these beautiful and educational alphabet blocks*.

In case you missed it, you totally need to check out these magical wooden toys as well!

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Fantastic Stockholm family home in an old school

emilia-ilke-family home

So excited to share this amazing place with you today. This fantastic Stockholm family home was a school in the 50s. Today artist Emilia Ilke lives here with her partner Fredrik and son Igor.

The place is bright and spacious, very Scandinavian, and is enhanced with lovely flea market finds, DIY projects, and lots of Emilia’s art.

The apartment is situated in Hägerstensåsen, one of Stockholm’s urban, southern suburbs. The couple moved in here from their previous place which was very central because they fell in love with the amount of windows. Personally I think it is a very smart decision because you do need a light filled place to survive the dark months in Scandinavia.

Let’s have a peek into this striking family home:


emilia-ilke-family home kids room

emilia-ilke-family home kids room

Lovely children’s room for their little son Igor. Of course mum Emilia added some of her artwork to make the room even more fun and ‘special’!

Loving the heigh ceilings, minimalist interior, and still cosy atmosphere.


emilia-ilke-family home

emilia-ilke-family home

emilia-ilke-family home

emilia-ilke-family home
“I draw, paint, cut out shapes and move around everything until the pieces find their places. Often I work at ten works at the same time.” says Emilia. And this light filled space is perfect for her and definitely very inspiring too.

Emilia’s story is very interesting to me. She used to a visual merchandiser for weekday for around 10 years and decided to study fine arts. Because she wanted to create and find her own space in the art landscape. Today she is experimenting and not focused on one technique or genre. I guess with time, ideas, and impressions it may come around one day. And if it doesn’t it is perfectly fine too. Because we may not be perfect at one single thing but really great at various…

Interested to see more family interiors in Stockholm? How about this smart family space or this kids room with its own castle?


Follow Emilia on her Instagram and check out her website with more of her work!
Photo: Andrea Papini
Via: Elle Decoration
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