Handmade wooden lamps for the kids room!

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

So, I have had the draft of this article now for over a week. Trying to finish it and never got around it. Because we are in the last week of school and things are a bit crazy.

Antoine is finishing primary school and the last days are packed. I am super happy for him that he gets to enjoy all these parties, ceremonies and picnics because last year everything had to be cancelled. Further I am training (as well as organising a team) for a Half Marathon in September. And a new project will start next week for me as well. Adding the play dates and sleep overs that are happening again. Altogether, I am trying to keep up with everything and the day only has 24h.

However, now is time and I so delighted to share these cute lamps with you!

r o o m G A G A* was created out of passion and love for exceptional things. All of these beautiful lamps are made in a local workshop in Poznan, Poland.

‘Each of their elements is an effect of meticulous, manual work. Cutting, grinding, painting, polishing all elements is a process in which we put our whole heart. And we want everything we do to have the uniqueness mentioned above, that is why we use only solid pine wood for production.’

I am sure that these lamps are a perfect addition to your child’s room:

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Handmade wooden lamps kids room
That hedgehog* is just the cutest!


Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Each lamp is manufactured entirely by Emilia and her team. And the whole process of its creation, from cutting out of solid pine wood from Polish forests, to sanding and painting with paints certified for children, is only manual work.

Which one is your favourite? Personally, I find it very difficult to choose but I think I have a little preference for the whale*!

More accessories for the kids room?

How about these dreamy accessories for the kids room or handmade boho furniture.


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27 jolly things for your July!

27 jolly things for your July!

July already started but I will share a Friday list for this glorious month anyway.

It is quite busy over here with lots of ‘end of year’ things going on. And no real plans for the summer. But let’s not talk about that, maybe something last minute will be organised.

This week I had my 2nd vaccination so that is all done and ticked off. Further… I am kinda out of words. So much to say, not finding a good start….argh…

Let me just share all the findings and readings of the last weeks. Lots of inspiration:

goose baby blanket
Super soft warm ultra luxurious faux fur blanket* for baby and children.

Successful Entrepreneurs’ Best Small-Business Advice.


handmade baby mobile
Delightful mobile* for the nursery.

Beautiful kinetic mobiles.


Personalized Embroidery hoop
Personalised embroidery hoop!

Gorgeous illustrations.


family cottage london
Family Cottage in West London!

How Climate Change Will Transform What We Eat! Must read.


Lorien Stern
Lorien Stern!

Korean family recipes.


scanidnavian living room
Beautiful Scandinavian living room.

Have you heard of UNFOLDED?


dream bedroom
What a bedroom!

Did you watch the Friends reunion?


at this very moment book
NEW books:
The Young Cyclist Companion
With cycling on a new, post-pandemic high, this book tells our children everything they needed to know about bikes but are maybe too afraid to ask.

At this very moment
A beautifully poetic bedtime book for children ages 2 and up.

The History of Cars
The knowledgeable Professor Wooford McPaw is here to take you on a journey through time, so climb into the passenger seat and let’s take a spin…



bachaa paris dress
India meets France at Bachaa. (and if you like this, you will love this too)

Lots of inspiration from this Insta account.


home of sophie ellis bextor
Refreshing, real, quirky and full of life – the home of Sophie Ellis Bextor!

Colourful and full of retro folk charm clothes and accessories*.


mome portugal kids clothing
Möm(e)´s story is about the unconditional love for the family!

Planet Hollywood? Remember that place?


mauvais marie toys
Mauvais Marie.

OMG! The cutest baby swim set* ever. Trust me!


pinch toys
Wooden play things from Pinch Toys!

Hello Lilibet!


Wishing you all a fantastic month of July!



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Organic kids clothes for modern boys and girls!

lola and stella kids clothes

Good Morning! Between all the football, Wimbledon and my own new running goal I used a rest day to search for something fresh. And I found this lovely brand specialising in high quality handmade organic clothing for babies and toddlers (some items even come in big kid sizes)!

Marissa has a great eye for awesome prints and in 2013 she decided to create stylish, well made children’s items.

Today you can find a modern collection* of lovely pieces for little boys and girls. Everything is handmade, made from organic materials and with a lot of passion and love in it.

Of course I am particularly smitten by the beautiful colours and prints, because they really do stand out from the crowd and are perfect for little people with a big personality.

Have a look at some of my favourites of this organic kids collection for modern boys and girls:


lola and stella kids clothes

lola and stella kids clothes

lola and stella kids clothes

lola and stella kids clothes

lola and stella kids clothes

lola and stella kids clothes

lola and stella kids clothes

lola and stella kids clothes

The pieces for boys are really cool as well. I love the leggings and remember the days my now 11 year old boy used to love wearing them. Today it is all about shorts that have to reach the knee and t-shirts.

Bubble rompers* always make me happy. And the fun blankets* make fantastic new baby gifts, especially the tiger one.

By the way, my current favourite is this cute shirt and skirt combo with the Holli Zollinger tiger print. Ready to twirl!


More cool kids fashion? How about modern natural kids clothes or whimsical French kids wear!


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Children dressed like a Sunny Afternoon

sunny afternoon kids clothes

This beautiful brand from Australia creates a line of simple, nature-inspired play clothes. Everything is more than comfortable to wear and extremely easy to care for.

Everything is ethically made from organic, natural fabrics which are fleecy and soft, yet strong and durable. The colours of the fabrics are beautiful! Very earthy and natural. And unisex, so you can easily pass them to siblings.

Very cute and relaxed linen rompers, soft as butter muslin pieces in subtle colours as well as beautiful organic cotton dresses and playsuits. Everything mix and matches in the range as well as with things you already have in your child’s wardrobe.

All the styles emphasise exactly what makes small children so adorbs!


sunny afternoon kids clothes

sunny afternoon kids clothes

sunny afternoon kids clothes

sunny afternoon kids clothes
It is really difficult to select favourites but one item that stood out for me from the beginning is this adorable set. An oversized sweatshirt with drop shoulder short sleeves and a pair of classic shorties. The stripes and colour combination are just the best. So cool!

More natural children’s clothes and toys:


Have a lovely day!

Open-ended wooden toys that encourage free play, experiments and discovery!

grapat-wooden toys

Yesterday I went through my bookmarks for things I wanted to share with you here. And I ‘re-discovered’ Grapat. A Spanish, family-run business, and they design and make beautiful wooden toys.

And then I thought that I really should share about them soon. Because if you are not going away this summer again this might be something fabulous to keep the kids entertained during their long break.

These wooden toys are so fantastic, versatile and will be enjoyed by children of all ages… and adults too I would say.  Casiana and Jordi create open-ended toys that encourage children to freely play, experiment and discover. Further, Grapat toys are made using local, sustainable wood found around their Catalonian home.

The whole ethos behind Grapat toys is free play, loose parts, open and unstructured materials which transform into what children decide, and which are the expressions of their imaginations at any moment in time. Children will explore colour, shape, design, size – working small motor skills and firing their imaginations as they go.

The Waldorf-inspired wooden toy sets will entrance and entertain from 0 to 100 years, here is some inspiration:

grapat-wooden toys

grapat-wooden toys

grapat-wooden toys

Grapat’s wooden toys are inspired by nature and the idea that children only need a few things to create their own games and imaginary worlds. These simple figurines, little cups and bowls, as well as shapes in lovely shades initiate a natural gateway to play for young and old.


grapat-wooden toys

All these parts create the possibility their for moving, sorting, stacking, arranging and hiding. What’s more, the colours and shapes of the loose parts, in particular the mandalas, make them beautiful to see and have around.


grapat-wooden toys

grapat-wooden toys

grapat-wooden toys
Grapat also really cares about the environment and sutainability of their products.

Almost all our collaborators are of proximity, because we believe that we must take care of the local producer. Our production is friendly with the people involved. We care about people. And they take care of us and they have a lot of patience! The wood we use comes from sustainable forests.

Happy playing everyone!


More wooden toys?

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