nununu – back to school

nununu back to school

If there is one big topic for families over the summer than the name is: Back to School!

I know some of you are not on their summer break yet but we, for example, will actually go back in 4 weeks. Already!
Which means that a check is needed. Backpacks still ok (I heard that some families do buy a whole set of new backpacks for every school year. It never crossed my mind. It seems some kind of ‘tradition’, especially in the US, I believe. What about you? I feel that a new backpack is necessary when the old one is not doing its job anymore… regardless Back to School… but hey, only my two cents), water bottles have lids and so, PE shoes are still good etc…

One of my all time favourite brands, nununu, added some really good stuff to their Back to School collection for this year. Next to the clothing you can also find black notebooks with the typical skull or star print, lunchboxes and drinking bottles. And then you pack everything in your cool ninja backpack and you are ready to go.
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Pitti Bimbo #87 recap

Pitti Bimbo #87 recap
More or less a month ago (already) Paul & Paula attended Pitti Bimbo #87. I am always so curious before the first show of the season – what will we discover, what are the latest news and especially: how is the atmosphere. The fashion industry (children included) is changing so quickly now that it can be tricky to follow the fast pace. For everyone – and especially for designers and buyers.

This is my recap on the latest news, trends and more from Fortezza da Basso and the kids industry.

New collections, ideas and events were presented by 572 brands attending this edition, intercepting all the latest trends and the future evolution of the sector.

All over I have to say that the atmosphere was great. Positive and energised! (unfortunately that positivity did not reach all fairs I visited during the last weeks) It was vibrant really with many cool and interesting events.

‘Children’s wear is experiencing a moment of great evolution with a strong focus on a more accentuated research and lifestyle dimension that Pitti Bimbo is encouraging and maximizing. Through the new projects and sections dedicated to emerging creativity, design and new lifestyles. From season to season we will further expand the boundaries of the children’s universe.’ Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine

‘This was a great edition of Pitti Bimbo, and the atmosphere was truly dynamic. The concept of the #ACTIVELAB section is strong, and it’s very well laid-out, allowing us to present our collections to their best advantage. In the past few days we’ve met high-end international buyers, including many buyers from Russia and Italy. I also liked the fact that members of the high-quality fashion press were in attendance.’Kristin Nyström, founder of Gardner and the gang

‘This year’s edition was even more dynamic than usual. I discovered a lot of new brands, especially in the Superstreet area. The #Activelab trend really is the fashion trend of the moment, and I’d never seen it represented at other shows; this is a sign of how Pitti Immagine is always up to date with what the market is demanding. The way it’s organised is wonderful, and it allows us buyers to stay even more focused on the fair itself.’ Marìana Garcìa Sepulveda, Head Buyer Childrenswear at El Palacio de Hierro

More and more independent brands are coming to Florence as well, making it a great mix of brands that benefits everyone. #ACTIVELAB, for example, is full of emerging, young and cool brands and even had a catwalk show this season. See the image on top and the two below!

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GRIS – Uber Cool Japanese Kids Fashion

GRIS Japan
Today we are back in Japan again. I just cannot get enough of their collections…

They are different and just so cool. I love the simple colours that are often on the dark side with these cool cuts. And after I saw a few collections at the fairs and show rooms I can tell you that the clothes look even better in real. When you can catch the details and silhouettes live.

And then the fabrics. Amazing! Japanese cotton is just so good. There is a one called ‘marshmallow cotton’ that truly feels like a cloud. So incredible soft and fluffy…

So today we look at this uber cool brand called GRIS.

Expressing their view of the world by sticking to exquiste materials, specifications and making everything without compromise on comfortable children’s clothing.


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An inspiring family home that looks real and inviting

An inspiring family home that looks real and inviting
Oh my kind of home! The moment I saw this place over at Slomo I loved it. It looks real, charming, a fun mix of finds, passion and ‘must haves’. And a kitchen that invites to spend time and to cook, and laugh and have fun.
Yes! My kind of home…

It is also the place where you do feel that actually somebody is living there. A real family home(something I like to share a bit more on my Insta by the way)!

Claudia, Julien, Leni and Jeanne live here. In the heart of Berlin and the family admits that the apartment is like a fifth member of their clan. Always changing, growing and well loved. I can understand why…
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Daughter – classic children’s wear

Daughter - classic children's wear
Not long ago, at all, I showed you this lovely brand called daughter. Well Ainslie Hutchinson just put her new collection called ‘Somewhere’ online for pre-order and I had to pick it up straight away!

We are so lucky here in the North of Europe with the beautiful weather over the last weeks (yes weeks!) that I just need to show you this perfect ensemble of darling summer clothes. Daughter is based in Byron Bay, Australia and are probably inspired for warm and light clothes on 350 days of the year.

The collection is full of trans-seasonal pieces. Made from high quality fabrics that will wash well and last forever. Heirloom hand me down pieces! On top the classic silhouettes will never go out of style…

Ainslie is inspired by her two daughters, Indie and Elke as well as son Atlas.  And the nature of Australia which you can recognise in  her colour palette.
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