Yiota Nicodimou

Yiota Nicodimou
I am very well aware that we are facing Autumn and the weather for light tops and shorts is over for most us. BUT… yes but, I just found this lovely brand from Greece {the country where you can wear summer dresses for the biggest part of the year} and needed to show you. You can keep it in mind for next summer or you maybe go on a warm vacation this winter… oh… and they do very nice occasion wear too…

So I have some good reasons to put this under your nose today.

Yiota Nicodimou designs and produces handmade Christening and kids clothes. The design and production is made in Greece, in a small workshop in the center of Athens.

‘I grew up among fabrics, sewing machines, pattern and designs. This evoked my passion for handmade clothes. My career path was a circle of knowledge to what I am doing today. The decision of creating children’s clothing appeared along with the birth of my first son.’

The finest selected quality materials, Comfortable silhouettes and handcrafted work.

‘We do not mass produce, nor are we frenetic machines that create ‘fashion trends’ which eventually changes so quickly that finally the “value” is lost.’


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