Wil + Frida

Wil + Frida

Wil + Frida is really such a pretty brand that puts a smile on your face – instantly. Last year I wrote about them already and if you live somehow close to me {Nothern Europe} you might feel like: Peggy, do you want me to buy this now? It is freezing!

I know it is. Yesterday evening I was sorting scarves and hats and had everyone trying out gloves to see if they fit and everyone has a pair ready. What a change!

But there are people enjoying really warm days at the moment or are dreaming about their upcoming warm holiday. This is for you mostly. Everyone else can bookmark this for Spring.

But back to Wil + Frida’s universe that represents the happiness, pure innocence and quirkiness of childhood.

Everything is so sweet and yet perfect for long days outside. Roaming the woods, beach or streets – depending where you are.
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