The best mobiles

After the success of the dollhouse list I thought I will give you more… today we continue with mobiles. Do you know a kids room without a mobile?
This is one of the cutest mobiles I have ever seen. I guess that “quick ideas” are often really the best!
Paper houses. You might need space and be sure to hang it high enough from little hands pulling it down but this is sooooooo pretty!

Frazier & Wing has to be on this list. Such stunning mobiles… not only for kids rooms!

Beautiful and the best part: You can choose colours, size, patterns as well as the elements yourself. I would spend ages to decide…

Made from crochet flowers, pretty fabric snippets and some cool vintage buttons. All together: Magic!

This is by far the best idea I have seen to use leftovers of fabric, felt and anything else you might have. I am sure it takes ages to make but how stunning is the result! Love it!

Do you count sheeps when you cannot sleep? This might help…

I have seen the idea of painted sticks before and noted it. Now I saw this cool feather mobile and think it is a perfect match. Imagine a kids room with a tipi…

And not to forget Mr. Moustache… still hanging in our living room!

Hope you enjoyed this list!


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