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A few things from this week {Friday list}


The best hats so far for this winter! From WOWO!

Very cute kids {and mama} plate.


Pauli is a book shelf and a seat and you can build your very own creation if you buy 2 or 3 or 4…
I like when things are flexible, specially for the kids room which you change very often as the kids grow and maybe new little members are joining!

Have you seen the new series I am running called “the people behind the online stores“… super interesting!

These PJ’s from cotton&button look so comfy!
I wrote a guest post for Heidi who just had a baby boy. Exciting news.. xxx


Do you like soup? Oh I love it and at this time of the year it can be so comforting.
This one is with corn and chicken. Yum!

I participated in a little crafty supplies blog swap exchange thingy… here is what I packed.

If you like something else like Eames these might be great… and lovely colours!

Tomorrow we will go to Germany, family time, celebration, school holidays, meeting people I have not seen for a long time and work :)
Big schedule…

I hope you are all doing fine and enjoy some sunny autumn days, I love the light autumn gives us and the beautiful colours we are surrounded with during this season.

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