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Small style

Our last week in Amsterdam.

Linking up with Mama loves Papa for some new small style.
When we get home after playing in the sandpit, the first thing I do: Undressing the kids in the shower. Getting out all the sand as good as I can.

{Very skinny} jeans: Gap
Tee: Petit Bateau
Tunic: Comptoir de Cotonniers
Hat: Bobo Choses

Trench: Mayoral
Jeans: H+M
Shoes: Bisgaard
Trying to walk.

Pants: Bobo Choses
Onesie: Hema

Jeans: Zara
Onesie: Petit Bateau
Shirt: American Apparel
Hat: Kik Kid

It was still a bit frsh in the shadow. Specially in the mornings!

Hoodie: Oeuf NYC
Vest: Bennetton
Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Kina

So, I will try my best to get a few holiday outfits together and show them to you very soon!


Small style

Good Morning!
Today I have something new for you, after the big success of my What I wore Wednesday posts I introduce you to my newest column called Small Style.
Small style, as you can guess from its name, will show you the outfits of my kids.
Today is the start and I am linking back to Mama loves Papa who invited me to participate.
{at the moment I am thinking to do these 2 columns every other week, meaning today small style, next week What I wore Wednesday and so on… does that sound like a plan?}

KleinR at the playground. Most playgrounds here in Amsterdam have a little “office” and a person looking after it for some hours per week.
You can lend tricycles, sand toys etc from there and sometimes they even serve coffee and tea for the parents. First time I saw this my mouth just stayed wide open :)

Dress: Rocker Baby Inc.
Jacket: Benetton
Leggings: H+M
Shoes: All Stars
Scarf: Zara

End of last week we had some rain and the kids were standing in front of the balcony to check if the rain stopped…
KleinR (my daughter):
Cardigan: Petit Bateau
Dress: Bobo Choses
Pants: American Apparel
Slippers: Collegien

KleinA (my son):
Jacket and onesie: Imps&Elfs
Trousers: Zara

But on Saturday we had SUN and it was really warm, summer in Amsterdam.
We went for a pick nick in the park.

KleinA (top):
Jumper: Petit Bateau
Pants: Those Baby Basics
Shoes: Menu

Dress: Bellerose
Leggings: H+M

Please check out the dress I made for my daughter as well.

So, I hope you liked it and maybe even got some inspiration.
Why don’t you join, I can totally imagine a few of my reader’s cool kids here too!

Just a little note: Some of you know or noticed that I really try to keep the pictures of my kids on this blog as innocent as possible. That is why a lot of times you see them from the back or side …


Leggings – must have wardrobe staple


You might have noticed when following my “small style” posts that I do like leggings.
They are perfect for these “in between” seasons, super comfortable, easy to put on and by now come in the most stylish colours, prints and fabrics!

All three kids have some in the drawers and as Spring let us wait too long this year I think we deserve some funky prints for some serious mood lifting.

Above a selection of some really cool designs as well as basics. All can be found here.

PS: KleinL’s leggings from this post I actually got in another size up… some are just too good to wear only for a short period!


Outfit of the day {on Instagram}

outfit of the day
You probably know that once in a while I come up with a post called {small style} showing my kids and what they wear.

Just yesterday I thought that it would be a bit more fun and actually more realistic, to show you what they wear on a daily basis.
All that via Instagram!

What do you think?
Would you miss small style? Should I do a summary once on a while here on the blog?
And would you join?

Find me on Instagram: @paulpaula
and join the fun called Outfit of the Day with #otd

Starting tomorrow!
{and prepare to see the background mess more often from now on too}

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