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Breakfast international {part fifteen}


Name: Kerry

Blog/ Shop: Seventy Tree and here to the shop 
Where do you live: North London, UK

Your kids name+ age: Maisie (10, very nearly 11) and Albert (known as Bertie) 20 months.

What do they have for breakfast: 

On an ordinary weekday, they are very much cereal eaters. Both enjoy Cornflakes, Rice Crispies, Bran Flakes, or whatever we have in the cupboard. Maisie likes to have a mixture of cereals in one bowl. Bertie always shares a smoothie with daddy; who makes his own with bananas, oats, yogurt and berries each morning. He also likes to help put everything into the mixer and watch it whirl! 

What do you and daddy have for breakfast: 
As mentioned, daddy has a smoothie and sometimes porridge (he’s very particular about his porridge)! I like my cereal too, sometimes I have porridge or toast with marmite or marmalade. Oh, and I almost forgot, we can’t start the day without a nice cup of tea! Essential to my being able to function (if you can call it that).

The breakfast I have shown you in the pictures, is our weekend (often Sunday) breakfast/brunch. My husband makes drop scones, which we have with bacon and maple syrup. In this instance, as you can see, the food is a little ‘well done’ because I managed to smash a lightbulb during cooking, so clearing up broken glass took priority! Oooooops, silly me! It’s nice to all sit around the table together (although Bertie more often than not likes to throw his food/cutlery and then inevitably escapes). Afterwards there is usually some newspaper/comic reading. It’s a lovely part of the week :)

{Thank you Kerry for making the start of the 2nd tour and sharing your breakfast with us}

PS: See all entries from the first round here.


The next days…

My fingers may be small... but I can still wrap my dad around them

… tomorrow morning I will walk through the park. I have an appointment.

I will meet my baby for the first time. Exciting and a little bit scary at the same time.

So for the coming week and thereafter I have scheduled guest posts {Thank you!} and wrote a few posts in advance. Plus a new round of Breakfast International will go live as well.

There will be a great give away {something French} and one day I will be back and tell you how it is with 5 in the house.

Thank you all for your love and support! xoxo


The First in December {Friday list}


FLOT – fun and playful pouf.

Animal tees.


Borgen is a 2m high play castle.

The baby guest book. In the book each “new baby visitor” gets two full spreads on which to share his or her knowledge. 

Working postcard B&W

Amazingly creative!

kids room inspiration

Cute cabinet.

If you live in The Netherlands –  this is a great list of Christmas events and markets happening.

Suitcases for the little ones…

Did you see that the second round of “breakfast international” started this Monday?

♥ ♥ ♥
Djäknemala is a collection for girls, all in cotton, where freshness and lightness is transmitted.
Available exclusively at Little Fashion Gallery!

This afternoon we are finally OFF to our Christmas Market week end and I am more than excited. I packed some very yummy treats for the train and now we just need to cross fingers that the weather will be nice… Happy week end everyone!


The last in October and extra big {Friday list}

main oct

Little bean is a fantastic online shop and I love their own line!

Petit Bateau opened a Dutch online shop.

papi luc shop
papi luc shop
Papi Luc shop. 

Great Autumn post over at kokokoKIDS. 

Mary Mount dress

The awesome Rachel of Handmade Charlotte designed a kids line for Anthropologie. And I dig that dress. I want it :)
…the rest is absolutely fantastic too…

rain wall decals

What is it about clouds and rain as deco? I usually complain when it’s raining outside but I heart everything in form of clouds and raindrops… from pillows, to mobiles, tees or these wall decals.


I will have to order that dress when I am back home… perfect… thinking to wear it with jeans or opaque tights or something like that… its Autumn…nearly winter in the end…

You know I love wooden toys. This is the ULTRA. Tavolino – 90 blocks, bobbins, tubes on one elegant table. WOW!

Being here in Germany makes me realize how close Christmas is… just 2 more months. Crazy.
And this year I want to wrap and pack all gifts extra special and beautiful :)
These kraft paper ideas are just what I have in mind….

Its been nearly a week here in Germany with my mum.
And I am actually here including my “office” but for today I have “just” one big post aka Friday list for you… please forgive me…
hugs everyone xxx 

PS: I will run a second round of the popular “breakfast international“, if you would like to join in please drop me an e mail.


Happy Friday {list}


Thinking about London. Terrible things going on and my heart is especially with my friends, blog friends and tweeps.

Gorgeous illustration!


Very inspiring kids room!

A bassinet for 6500Euros? Aha.

I love the rain coats from Haute Saison. I saw them at playtime and they are brilliant. And the weather justifies a little shopping spree ”

New pictures.

Or is it sunny where you are? Then these outfits are for you…. from etoile et moi!

Such adorable baby blankets.


Salopettes… cute cute… they have them in mama sizes too… would you?

I like this storage bin.


The new issue of La Petite is out very very soon…. here is the cover…

I hope you are still enjoying the breakfasts from all over the world!

I am over at Smiling like sunshine with a guest post, please have a look.

And I hope, for myself, that the rain will give us a break. It is getting a bit too much now and it feels like we are having one season all year round here… please summer….show your face again!

Kisses to all of you!

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