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Another glimps into the Paul & Paula house

I was so happy when I found the paper balloons in the craft shop around the corner. Similar ones you can get online here.
The bird is from Inke and comes in a super easy DIY kit that includes everything you need to put it on the wall.

Did I ever mention that I am a big Tintin fan?
It started when I was an Au pair in Paris and the little boy I had to look after had the whole collection of Tintin books. One day I took one book to my room… in the end I had read them all.
We started our own collection now, every time we go to France we buy the next issue.

Here is the second Inke bird. There are always 2 in one package. He was normally sitting on top of a frame but we changed some things… so I made him a cloud…

The perfect match. Our BonBon Blue sitting on a cloud from la casita.

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{later I have a stunning Friday list for you}

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