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Question:Hi there, We met at BYW and I love your blog!! Am going to Paris in Dec with family and want to know your fave little shops,restaurants,kid activities (6 and 10yr),craft shop fabric shopping suggestions.. best, Suzanne !

My dear Suzanne, thank you for your question!
Finally I have the answer together…
Paris is big and Paris needs a lot of time to be discovered. I guess you have a guide (or two) and I do not need to mention the Eiffel Tower and Co.
As you go in December I want to start with museums that I think are good with kids.

Musee d`Orsay
An old train station, super beautiful, very interesting and stunning views over Paris.

Cite des Sciences et de l`Industrie de la Villette
Huge centre with various science museums. You will find a real submarine, a flight simulator and other cool things you always wanted to try out.

1. Get the tickets from the net before (saves money and lot of waiting time). Kids are free until 18 years.
2. Do not enter via the pyramide ( I know it is beautiful, take the pictures before or after) but via metro (Stop: Musee de Louvre) and you have a direct entrance from the station.

Go to the Marais and look out for: Cos, Zadig & Voltaire, Sandro, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Satellite and Antik Batik, these are for you

For the kids: Bonpoint ( I always go to the one on 6 Rue Tournon, no tourists here), Alice a Paris, Le marchand d`etoiles and Lillibulle.

For all kind of craft supplies: La Droguerie!

Best fabric market is Marche Saint Pierre, it is just next to Sacre Coeur, so you send the rest of your family to do some sightseeing already and have a good look here!

Le Marche des enfants rouges… is TOP TOP TOP! Even so I have never been there in winter… I am sure it is just as good! You have lots of food stalls with unbelievable good food. Italien, marrocan, lebanese… little plates here and there and everything tastes devine!
In summer you sit outside on long tables.

Linas, long time I have not stopped there but I was addicted when still living in Paris. Yummy sandwiches and pastries.
Pain Quotidien, international now but still: just good!
Coffee Parisien: another place we visited a lot when we still lived in Paris, their burgers are very good!

Crepe: please do not stop at one of the tourist attractions and go for a crepe at a stall: they are NEVER fresh!
Better have a nice diner in a creperie, with some cider on the side Creperie des Arts is one of my favourites. And the area is lovely to have a walk afterwards…

Petit Pan has some nice vintage furniture and fabrics!

You HAVE to go to Le Bonbon au palais! Such a sweet (sure it is) and cute shop…

Going to the opera with kids might not be on your list BUT you can visit this beautiful place during the day and I highly recommend it! And I can imagine that a 6 and a 10 years old will find it very interesting to go behind the scenes.

Please check out my previous posts about Paris here, you can find more information for your trip!

I have 2 sites for you, you might want to check out and get some good info as well:
All kind of kids events, here.
David Leibovitz writes about Paris, I think you will find some good stuff as well… I link you directly to some activities with kids.

The Papercut Map of Paris, pictured above, is from Famille Summerbelle and you can get it here!

Suzanne, more questions? Let me know…

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