Road Trip {booking phase}

San Francisco

In January I introduced you to our summer plans {right here}… 2 months traveling up and down the US West Coast. All of us… of course. {just saying… because people sometimes ask these funny questions and ask, for example, if we will travel all together… well… hmmmm…. yes… it is actually more the ALL TOGETHER part that we are looking forward to than anything else… I love traveling with the kids and with every journey they grow so much…}

So yes… all of six of us… flying to San Francisco … that is where we stopped last time… nearly 3 months later we did manage to book a few more things, decide what we want to do… lets have a look:


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We will stay in San Francisco {downtown} for 5 nights. Then… hehe… crazy us… we did book an RV/ Camper van. I know… sounds super fun… we just never traveled or tried one before so let’s cross fingers for a smooth ride.

12 nights we will cruise around with the truck. Right now we are looking into Napa Valley and maybe Yosemite… but nothing is booked…

Once we returned the RV we will fly to Vancouver and stay there for a week. I am soooo looking forward to it as I only hear good things about this city. From there we will take the train down to Seattle – here we will also stay for a week. Flights and train are booked. Nothing else yet. Still need to find a hotel or apartment.

From Seattle we will fly all the way down to San Diego. We will arrive rather late and I managed to book the first night at a place near to the airport. Then we would love to stay at a place close to the beach. For a week or so. Flight is booked, first night is booked… beach place is on the to-do-list.

Nooooooow…. we are somewhere around 21/22 of July. We need to be back in San Francisco by August 11.

Three weeks left.
San Diego

We will/ might take the train from San Diego to LA {or surroundings} – apparently it is a beautiful ride. Maybe stay in LA for 2 nights or something and then move on to the coast… Santa Barbara maybe.

Somehow up up up… with a stop in Santa Cruz {I hear its lovely}….

You see we managed a few things but also have many things on the to-do-list. That is why we stay home for this Easter break {happening right now} and do not travel. Save a few bucks for the summer trip and also really trying to plan it. Would it just be me and the hubby or maybe one child… we would just go and see. But we are six, there is a baby and it is high season… and instead of searching places to stay we better enjoy the sun and everything else!

If you have any suggestions, great tips and and and… please let me know!


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