Pokemon Birthday Party

Pokemon birthday party

Antoine turned 7 at the end of March and he wanted a Pokemon Birthday Party.



I ordered a few Pokemon themed Party supplies and decided to make a Pokeball cake. Lucky me – it was more or less as easy as I hoped it would be.

Through google I found a simple Birthday Cake recipe. With frosting. My base and I already bookmarked it for future birthday cakes. It is a great basis. So I made this cake and the frosting. Bought some red food colouring, black fondant and marshmallows.

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I assembled the cake as in the recipe. For the top I covered one half with the normal frosting and then added the red food colouring to the rest and covered the other half. With the black fondant I made the black stripe in the middle. After that I cut a marshmallow and placed in the middle. Little black fondant around it and it was done.
It may not look like a perfect shop bought version but Antoine was super happy. And I have something about home made birthday cakes. I just like them. It is a special day and I just like baking the cake myself.  {Do you havethe same?} And it was delicious {that is why I bookmarked the recipe for future birthday cakes – you see, you can easily adapt}…

Pokemon Birthday Party here we come:

Pokemon birthday partyPokemon birthday party

We found a few great Pokemon printable online and lay them out on the table. The kids could choose their favourite and started colouring or doing a game whilst we waited for everyone to arrive.

We got:

Pokemon Maze

Design your own Pokeball

Colouring Sheets

Connect the dots


Pokemon birthday party

And other party games we did:

Pin the tail on Pikachu

Print this Pikachu and stick him on a wall or door and cut out the tails. The idea is to pin the tails on Pikachu. Blindfolded.


Pokemon charade

We selected some well known Pokemon characters from Antoine’s Pokemon cards. Divided the guests in 2 groups and played charade.


Pokemon Disco & Dance stop

Antoine chose his favourite songs and we did a little disco in the playroom. When the music stopped the kids had to stand still. The person who moved had to draw a paper and follow the instructions like ‘dig like sandchrew’ or ‘do a high jump kick like blaziken’…


You see, a Pokemon Birthday Party where everything was relatively easy to prepare and made a great party!



Pokemon Birthday Party
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Pokemon Birthday Party
Pokemon Birthday Party - with pokeball cake recipe and lots of party games inside.
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