Stylish linen clothing and accessories for the whole family

linen clothing

A couple of years ago I bought a bedding set made of linen. Gradually, we added a couple more sets. And by today it is the only linen we put on our beds. It is so comfortable to sleep in and gets more soft with every wash. Pretty amazing!

One of my favourite shops to buy linen bedding is actually on Etsy and it is called MagicLinen*.  A pretty accurate name because linen is indeed magic. It looks great, it feels luxury, it gets even better every time you wash it, it is very durable, and the colours usually only look so cool because of the fabric.

The brand is based in Lithuania (which seems to be the linen capital) and run by a family. They specialise in bespoke linen home textiles as well as linen clothing.

‘MagicLinen grew out of our own passion for natural materials. Thus, we make our products from high-quality European linen fabric that is certified under the OEKO-TEX standard. We strive to be an ethical, sustainable, and transparent business that remains true to its values and appreciates customers as members of our own family.’

And there is more than just linen bedding:


linen clothing
linen clothing

Cute clothes for big and small that you can wear all year round…

Did you know that linen has magic powers? It is known to be the strongest natural fiber in the world. Therefore linen items are incredibly durable and can last for generations. They absorb and release moisture very fast, making it perfect for bedding, towels, and similar items.

On top, linen has a unique temperature regulating ability to keep you both cool and warm depending on the weather. That is why linen clothes* are so popular in the summer, and should not be overlooked in winter! One of the reasons I included a good amount of linen pieces in my autumn styles for mums article.


linen clothing

linen clothing
Pure linen on your bed makes for a very pretty bedroom, just look at these pictures!

Vita and her team take care of all products and give them the personal attention they deserve. She started the business the moment she realised how good her mother’s and even grandmother’s linens looked good as new after a long time in the family.

Today MagicLinen threads the needle between traditions and a more modern, contemporary design.

And one little extra note, the gray blue bedding set* looks stunning! I can vouch for it personally…

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Architect-designed family apartment in Gothenburg

Architect-designed family apartment

Today’s family space was last owned by a reputable architect. And it is full of details, grand design, and clever use of space. You can find this city apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The floor plan is really interesting and I caught myself playing with some ideas on how to live in this apartment. But we left Sweden for a reason and instead of dreaming I better finish this Interior Tuesday.

It is very nice to see how the playroom just flows with the rest of the house. It is child friendly and sweet but still in the same aesthetics as the rest of the home.

Let’s have a little tour and see more:

Architect-designed family apartment

Architect-designed family apartment

Architect-designed family apartment
Two sweet children’s rooms full of nostalgia, charm, and vintage finds.


Architect-designed family apartment
Both rooms open up to a playroom that doubles as a desk area as well. Here, the children can do their homework, draw, or be creative. It is quite an interesting set up and I am sure a creative person can come up with more interesting ideas on how to set up this room. Or maybe take the middle wall out of it possible? Hmmm…


Architect-designed family apartment

Architect-designed family apartment
A star point goes to the kitchen. I just love the cosiness, that beautiful cabinet, the floor, as well as the plants and flowers. I can totally picture myself sitting there with a cinnamon bun and a lovely tea… will you join me?

More Gothenburg interiors? There is charming place or this very lush house!

Via Entrance
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13 really different advent calendars!


Christmas advent calendars


Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is getting closer and to make sure that your countdown game is on point when December 1 arrives I found some really good Advent Calendars for you.

It is a big thing in Germany and a tradition that I grew up with. And that I love. Even as an adult I would not say no to an Advent Calendar, because it is just part of the festive season and so much fun. Naturally we continued the calendar fun once we started a family and it is a ‘regular’ during every month of December.

And personally I like the calendar to be personal. Of course you can buy one from supermarket but a tradition is more beautiful if you can re-use the same advent calendar again and again. And fill it with some little gifts and treats yourself! This is also a great way for a more sustainable and responsible Christmas time.

Another option are DIY calendars that you can build together during a family craft session for example.

Either way, I am already wishing you a beautiful Advent time and lots of cute treats on the countdown to Santa.

And I hope that the Advent Calendars I put together for you will make it a bit more fun:


hygge village advent calendar

Minimalist paper house advent calendar

Very sweet DIY advent calendar to shorten your wait for Santa. It consists of 24 houses in four different sizes. Once put together you will enjoy a Swedish village that is delightfully understated and makes every minimalist heart skip a beat.
All you need are scissors, a bit of glue and some treats and little gifts to fill the houses.
Pssst, there is a forest version as well!


santa advent calendar boxes

Santa shaped Christmas advent boxes

Cute Santa advent calendar. Simply pop up the boxes and fill them with sweets and other little treats. Overall, each pack includes 24 boxes and 1 sticker sheet to assemble your own advent calendar.


personalised fabric advent calendar

Handmade Personalised Fabric Advent Calendar

This fun and colourful personalised advent calendar is perfect for counting down to the big day. Featuring a gorgeous Christmas design with metallic gold accents, it has 24 pockets ready for you to fill with treats.
Bonus: Your child’s name will be hand stitched onto the calendar. The perfect way to start a tradition.


christmas tree ornament advent calendar

Advent Calendar with small Christmas ornaments

This Christmas Ornament Advent Calendar can be used year after year. Simply hang the cotton twine under your mantle, down the stairwell or anywhere you wish to spread some Christmas cheer. Place one ornament in each cotton bag, and then tie the bags. Each day, open a new bag and hang the enclosed ornament on your Christmas tree. For a child you may want to add a little chocolate or candy in the bag as well. I love the idea of decorating the tree a little every day. It adds to the sparkle.
The set includes: 25 Hand-Stamped numbered cotton draw string bags, 25 wooden ornaments, 25 lengths of Bakers Twine, and 10ft Natural Cotton Twine to hang.


cookie advent calendar

Cookie advent calendar

Yes! This is an edible calendar. And it can be personalised and it exists as a gluten free option too. Beautiful, different, and sweet!


christmas wall hanging

Advent Calendar Houses Kit & Christmas Wall Hanging kit

This Christmas kit includes a set to make your very own advent calendar village, and your choice of a canvas hanging.
You will receive a pack of 25 templates to make your own Christmas inspired town, a page of 25 Christmas activities to put inside your houses, and detailed instructions. And you can personalise the hanging if you wish!


felt advent calendar

Felt advent calendar

This calendar panel is made from 100 percent cream coloured felt with 25 hand stitched pockets to fill. It is adorned with a personalisable scrabble letter name and Scrabble numbers from 1-25. And if you are looking for little gifts to put inside, the shop has some lovely hair accessories as well.


digital download print advent calendar last minute

Printable Advent Calendar

This is a digital download and perfect for a last minute decision. (make sure to have high quality paper like thick white card stock on hand though!)
All in all, this cute Advent Calendar contains 7 different illustrated house shaped boxes. And is adorned with beautiful winter elements and patterns for your Christmas village.


filled advent calendar

Personalised and pre-filled advent calendar

No wrapping and no searching for little gifts and treats. Make the run up to Christmas stress free with this personalised and filled advent calendar chosen especially for the recipient. Altogether: 25 gifts in total, each beautifully gift wrapped and numbered.
Tip: This is perfect if you would like to send it as a gift to someone special!


Christmas Advent Calendar Bunting

Christmas Advent Calendar Bunting

This Christmas Advent bunting has been made from some gorgeous Scandinavian fabric. It is the perfect ingredient to set a festive scene and is a wonderful heirloom Christmas decoration that you can keep. And filled with your own choice of treats. This bunting comes in 2 sets of 3 meter buntings and each has 12 double sided rectangles on. Additionally, you have the option to tie them together or hang them under one another.


advent calendar bags

Advent Calendar Bags

These cute linen advent calendar bags can be filled with candy, small toys or lovely notes. You can choose from various linen colours like white, blue, or rose. Next you can choose between stars and Christmas trees prints and between silver and gold colours.
Furthermore, you can also request more bags, different sizes or even get the colours mixed.


ornament advent calendar

Ornament Advent Calendar

Unique ornament advent calendar! Comes with 24 laser cut birch ornaments, each hidden behind a red paper door. Simply lift the paper door each day until Christmas to reveal the ornament underneath. Pop and wiggle the ornament out from the surrounding wood, and hang on the tree.


christmas tree shaped advent calendar

Christmas Tree shaped calendar

This felt advent calendar in form of a Christmas tree has pockets for your treats until Christmas Day!


Ho Ho Ho! I hope you enjoyed my selection. More Christmas related posts includes gift guides will follow over the next weeks.

In collaboration with Etsy. All links are affiliate links.
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26 happy things for your November!

paul paula blog

Did you do Halloween yesterday? We did and the kids nearly exploded of pure excitement beforehand… and we are not even really done yet. Tonight is Halloween Disco at school!

And then I quickly realised last weekend that the Christmas craze started. School fair, gift guides, advent calendars that need to be filled (on Monday I will share my 2019 calendar edit – mark your agenda!) and everything else that comes with the festive season. These last 2 months will just fly by… I feel it already.

So, let’s make the most out of it and start with the November round up of my favourite reads, finds, interiors, and other inspiring stuff:


Bloomingville Mini

Bloomingville Mini

Bloomingville Mini
Scandinavian home accessories. Great new collection* from one of my favourite brands and they do lots of lovely Christmas accessories too!

Cute hoops* for the nursery – embroidered lion or lioness?


bookhou flora blanket
OMG! This blanket*. I love blankets and to cuddle up on my sofa with them…

Are you looking for a really great gift? I recommend this Etsy shop*. For children, adults, best friends, teachers… anyone that deserves a great gift!


knitted doll blanket
A big awww, for that little rainbow blanket* for your child’s favourite doll! … and there are some adorable doll clothes, more blankets as well as the sweetest knitted doll bonnets too.

Beautiful hoop earrings* with my favourite stone – turquoise!


scandinavian kitchen
This house has so many quirky details – I love it!

Perfect tableware for your Christmas diner*!


ferm living apple basket
Cool apple storage basket* in two sizes. Such an eye catcher!

Rainbows are here to stay. Boho chic decor!


scandinavian living room cabinet
Another cool home!

A look at four family budgets. Interesting article!


you are loved doormat
How about a really cool doormat*? It is the first thing you as well as others see when entering your beloved home!

Do you want to know more about skincare? Or better – everything? This is your article!


Absolutely beautiful wool felt mobile* in various colour schemes.

The psychological price of entrepreneurship. I am sure you can relate if you are part of the ship!


arty home london
Arty Party? I definitely want to join and get a house tour

Do you still see your friends?


personalised wooden toys
What a great gift idea – personalised wooden toys*! Choose between cars, trains, unicorns, dinos, dogs, and more…

New baby essentials.


adventure play rug
Adventure play rug*! So fun, useful, and sweet.

Why Pinterest’s algorithm is so very successful.


bunny ears bonnet
Hop like a bunny with these cute bonnets*!

Will Amazon take over everything? (I was just reading a book about it as well and it is really a bit scary… will share my fave business books soon with you!)


SCandinavian home
I guess this apartment is all about that window!

‘And then I had to get induced and get a C-section, which was not what I wanted. But you can’t plan it. It was a great exercise in improvising and adjusting and becoming more adaptable.’
Read more from Ali Wong in this great interview.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Lots of love, some sunshine, tea, and colourful leaves! Thank you for being here, Peggy


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paul paula blog

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The Teddy Edit!

The Teddy Edit!


Did you know that the Teddy Bear is named after President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt?

He was a big time hunter and on a trip he was shown a bear cub to shoot and he refused to do so. Small stuffed bears were then produced as a political joke and called Teddy’s bear. They became a big hit and an iconic toy. Today Teddy bears are among the most popular gifts for children and are often given to adults too.

Therefore I had a look around to see how the teddy is living in 2019. And guess what, there are some fancy things as well as modern and fun. The teddy coat, for example, is everywhere but that is not all.

Here is my very cosy edit:


1. Super warm mittens* to stay toastie all winter long!

2. Teddy coat* – T H E thing for this winter.

3. This will become your child’s best friend – the sheepskin flat teddy*.

4. Mr. Bear wears a cute Norwegian sweater print!

5. Wooden stacking toy*.

6. Oncle Teddy book*.

7. Big alpaca knitted teddy*.

8. Stay cosy with this fantastic trapper hat*.

9. Adorable cardigan* that you wear with anything! (also remember these cute baby cardigans I shared last week)

10. Peter Pan merino wool collar* in green and that exists in blue, orange, and pink as well.

11. Your own mini bear with this cute faux fur baby suit*.


Stay toastie! Stay teddy!

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