After the trade shows article – thoughts and so…

After the trade shows article - thoughts and so...

On my private Instagram I did a poll yesterday. Asking if my readers would generally like to see more personal posts here (with 98% who clicked on YES I think that is a clear message!), I then asked what kind of personal posts we are talking about. (you can still join if you like and leave your reply there)

And one answer was ‘your thoughts and ideas’. That is a wide stretch of a topic but it reminded me that I wanted to write an article to summarise the trade show season. Talk a bit about the things I have heard, discussed and of course witnessed. There is no deny that things are changing fast these days….

And give you my two cents as well.
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Organic and gender neutral kids clothes from Tenth & Pine

Paul & Paula: Organic and gender neutral kids clothes from Tenth & Pine
Oh this is the perfect find for my mood. Expect a longer personal post very soon (I have the feeling that it will be good to share some of the things that happened and are happening in 2018!). Yesterday was a ‘low day’ that ended with the wisdom that today is a new day. Ha! What a surprise. But really… it ended with me telling myself that some days are just ‘low’ and that happens. And when we wake up again it will be better. Also, adding some humour (lots) does help too. Oh… and reaching out to friends, which means that I have coffee dates lined up for tomorrow and Friday!

But anyway. Tenth & Pine definitely put a smile on my face. A warm one. I like their message and their story and it really feels like the perfect fit for today and for the moment…

Kerynn creates organic, modern, gender neutral pieces for your little people. And not only that, they do come with a sweet message. Warm words. Nothing kitschy, just lovely.

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Beautiful little bridesmaid dresses from LoveShackFancy

little bridesmaid dresses from LoveShackFancy
One of the most asked questions I receive is: Where to find lovely special occasion dresses for girls?
It is a really good question and a few staples always come to mind. But very often you are looking for something really special. Hence the name.

And I think with today’s post I will answer many questions in this department because LoveShackFancy does tick many boxes when it comes to occasional wear for girls.

A New York City-based brand that was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Hessel Cohen. Inspired by her desire to design the perfect bridesmaid dress for her own eclectic summer wedding. And started with a collection of hand-dyed silk dresses that whisper of dream escapes and special moments.

LoveShackFancy is the perfect boho, gipsy inspired and still effortless style that we love and try to catch. In essence – silk, lace, embroidery, layers and flouncy skirts are the recipe…

Whimsical, poetic and romantic styles that twirl and follow our footsteps! I love it and think that the photos really do speak for themselves.
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Simple Kids A/ W 2018/19

Simple Kids A/ W 2018/19
So… we are heading towards the first week end after ‘back to school’. After a first very hesitant start for Leonor she did so well yesterday and today and just went to her classroom all confident and happy. Romy moved up to the Middle Year Program and will learn a new language (Spanish!) and start new topics like design and politics. Antoine is basically just eagerly waiting for his toe to make a full recovery. He misses football with his friends…

And for us – it means that another school year started. It shows us how quick our children are growing. Back to school is always a bit like a mirror. Where we all stand in front and see a year that has passed behind us…

But lets not get sentimental here right now. No, lets have a look at Simple Kids and their new collection. Children’s fashion from Belgium. I will not come up with my usual ravings and admiration… no no… as a good reader you know why I love it so much!

And the new Autumn/ Winter collection from Simple Kids does not disappoint. Mix cool sweaters with fabulous knits. Printed blouses, velvet pants and a few ruffles just where they add a little extra without being too girly. Perfect!

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Bonpoint Autumn/ Winter 2018/ 19

bonpoint winter 2018
If you love French children’s fashion then you definitely know Bonpoint, the quintessence of French Style!
A classic and a brand that shaped the ‘French look’ like probably nobody else in the business. Created by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen – internationally renowned for their concept-store, Merci. These two also created Bonton, just to close the circle.

Bonpoint offers high quality garments for children and teenagers (the bigger sizes do fit us mums too, just FYI). Handmade in France with the best materials and each garment is unique. French magic!
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