7 kids rooms with fun chalkboard walls

kidsroom blackboard wall

Hello! How are you? I picked up a big fat cold on Sunday evening and I am not enjoying it. Haha, who does… but really. When your head feels like one big cloud and there is some kind of super full moon happening at the same time {my kids go a little more crazy than usual during full moon} then the good old cup of tea is not much of a big help.

And since we spend a bit more time indoors these weeks, short days, rain, cold and wind… I thought that these chalkboard walls are good ideas to entertain the kids.

What do you think? Do you have one in your house maybe?
I think it is a good way to support creativity and to express yourself whenever you feel like…

These rooms picked up the idea in really cool ways:

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All about Christmas – part II

All about Christmas - part II

Thank you so much everyone for your love that reached us on Friday and over the week end. After I published the first pictures here on Paul & Paula from our last shooting with Maru we got so many nice messages, shares, comments and positive feedback.
It is amazing and very appreciated!

Please know that – your words do mean a lot to us. We do support and work with small brands because we love their passion and message. And in the end, we are a small business too. And feedback and nice words are what makes this work amazing. Makes you going and believing even more in your ideas…

So today, a few more outtakes from All about Christmas!

Thank you to Anna who wrote a wonderful post about our project. So happy.
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All about Christmas – photoshoot

All about Christmas - photoshoot
Back in October I got together with Maru again. You remember our photo shoot from July – have a look here – this time around it was All About Christmas!

Yes, Christmas in October.

We had lots of lovely brands signed up, small and independent brands that we love. The kids were awesome and we had lots of fun. I love this creative part and together with Maru we are such a great team.

A total of around 5000 images were taken during the week end. Once you take out everything you can’t use, we still had over 3000 left. 3000 images. You imagine. How to select? Exactly! Super difficult. And that is the reason why I am just starting to share some of them with you now… I shared a few sneak peeks on my Instagram but here are finally some of my favorites…

I will need to publish these through a number of posts otherwise it would be just too much…

Please enjoy the first set today:
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Konfetti Kids – new kids store in Barcelona

Konfetti Kids - new kids store in Barcelona
Barcelona is THE city at the moment and if you happen to live there {lucky you!} or planning a trip, then take note now: there is a new kids shop called KONFETTI KIDS that opened just recently in the Barrio Gotico disctrict. And it looks really super inviting and fun.

And so does the online shop by the way, I love the illustrations.

Claudia is originally from Bergamo, Italy.
After her studies she collected some professional experiences in women’s wear, where she had the chance to travel and fall in love with Berlin.
Five years ago Claudia decided to move to Berlin, met her husband Michael and in March 2015  their daughter Lilien was born.

Since Lilien Claudia’s interest in the world of kids wear started to grow. Thinking about quality and good design and how to combine both. The starting point for her ‘project’.

In 2016, the family decided to move to Barcelona and in May this year Claudia found the perfect location for KONFETTI KIDS in a beautiful street of the Barrio Gotico and her project became finally real!

So, yes, the concept was conceived in Berlin and is now based in Barcelona. A concept store for the whole family with a hand-picked selection of international brands for children that reflects her passion for good quality and design.
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Gift Guides 2017 – best friend

Gift Guides 2017 – best friend



Gifting your best friend means that you will find something that you would love to receive yourself. Isn’t? Something that makes you happy and inpatient for the other person to unwrap.

This kind of gift!

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