Noisy Forest

Noisy Forest
Good Morning! How was your week end? We had a birthday party going on which was lovely. Romy pre-celebrated her 11th birthday because here in Sweden school will finish on June 15 already.
We were truly exhausted afterwards but only because the little ones were sooooo excited. Like crazy. Do you have the same? They just wanted to sneak in and see what the ‘big girls’ were doing etc. We did another sleep over party including cinema, fancy diner and pancakes for breakfast.
It is still so summery here in the South of Sweden that you feel like you are on holidays over the week ends. Warm hot (already at 8am!), super sunny and daylight from 4.30am until around 10pm. Late diners and getting up for school and work on a Monday is hard! Really!

To start this week I have a cute small brand that I found on Etsy called Noisy Forest. Vaida designs clothes that are made from washed linen. Therefore they are very comfortable and cosy to wear.

Everything at Noisy Forest is made to order, is super cute including some bright colours for this summer and also very reasonable prices!

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Welcome June with these finds!

paul paula blog
Hello June! We are blessed with sun. More and more and people are getting a little anxious. Does it mean that the rest of the summer (that did not even start, officially) will be crap? But hey, we are here to enjoy. As long as it lasts!

We even made a trip to the beach after school this week and there is more ice cream involved than I want should whatever share.

It is lovely and feels so good.

My list of bookmarked things was crying for help too. So here is just another Friday list to support the summer feeling!

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Heritage the Label

Heritage the Label
Sorry, I am a little late here today. But, to make up for it, I found a really beautiful brand. With wonderful images and a collection called Fields Of Grace!

The inspiration behind our collection is to be timeless.
Made mostly with stone washed linen and a few vintage style check cottons.
While also adding a little bit of embroidery through the collection to give it that one of a kind feel.
Bringing back the old, one piece at a time.

Heritage the Label strives to bring you a vintage inspired clothing label that is timeless but unique in every way! Based in Perth, Western Australia.

All garments are designed with passion and practicality in mind. And every piece is carefully made by hand using natural fibres by either the founder herself or ethically by a family ran studio in Bali. Using both natural and recycled fabrics.
Sustainable slow fashion that lasts forever and can be handed down.

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Dreams of Paradise

kids fashion editorial
Dreams of Paradise was the theme of our last shooting together with Maru. It took place back in March (and we even had another shooting in between already) and we wanted to capture the feeling of summer. The warmth, light and energy…

This kids fashion editorial is the result of bringing together small brands and designers under one theme. It is about sharing and to create beautiful content together that is shared by everyone involved.

And it is beautiful and very rewarding to see everyone supporting each other. Being part of the big picture.

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Colour block walls for little Eva

This place really put the colour block idea in my head! I nearly took out the paint brushes…
I especially love the white/blue combination.

What do you think? It looks so chic and it does add colour in a very nonchalant way. Not overwhelming (of course, you can opt for crazy pink or bright green and get a different effect) and yet you can really make a statement. A colour block wall in a kids room can replace wall art or the need to find tall furniture pieces to make a bland wall look less bland.

But lets have a look at Eva’s room! The family moved into this house not so long ago and her room was the first to be ready. I think it is really cute, bright and inspiring. A little retro look and so many lovely elements!

The room will grow and change with time, of course, but it is such a good base! A lovely mix of vintage and new. Modern and classic! French!

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