Sisters’ Mill

Sisters' Mill
Sisters’ Mill is run by two sisters: Giedrė and Justina. A young brand from Vilnius, Lithuania.

A beautiful line of hand made things for children and women. Once the idea for heirloom quality and exceptional things for us and our little ones emerged the duo blew the dust from the sewing machines and needles again.

Using only high quality materials making clothes that are tailored from natural fabrics and that are very pleasant to wear.
Gorgeous linen dresses in lovely shapes and colours. To wear with love for a long time…

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MÅNE hand-made baby and children’s clothes

MÅNE children's clothes
Behind MÅNE you will find Angela. A restless, creative, adventurous and dreamy moth A mix that I believe it reflects in each of the MÅNE collections.

Born in 2016 and based in sunny Spain. Covering sizes from newborns to 7-8 years. Combining classic Spanish patterns with modern Nordic-style fabrics, giving priority to first-class natural materials that are suitable for the skin of our little ones.

‘I hope that you love and enjoy MÅNE collections as much as I love this work because, for me, baby and children’s clothes are more than just garments, they are excitement and a way to show love to your children.’

Classic designs, high quality materials and unique details make the collections stand out. Cute baby rompers, sweet dresses, little bloomers and much more! Everything is hand made by artisans. Each piece is special and MÅNE’s love of detail finds them scouring vintage shops and flea markets. Always in the search for great old buttons and such just waiting for a new lease of life.
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April’s Bloom

 April's Bloom
A little late to the game but still so cute in May. April’s Bloom! A wonderful small brand with whimsical pieces for cute girls.

Founded in 2016 by Elizabeth Tineo. Mom to a beautiful girl, Emma Ross, she wanted to dress her in pieces that were light, soft and practical. Her creativity and many years of experience in the fashion industry led Elizabeth to launch a mini capsule collection. For girls ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

The collection has soft vintage details, designed in classic and timeless silhouettes, which are made from all natural and organic fabric and trims. The styles are all handmade in New Jersey, where she resides with her husband and daughter.

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The natural room of six year old Sonny Lou

Interior Tuesday with this cool room. All natural and the home of Sonny Lou, who is 6 years old. He must have so much fun living here. I would totally move in as well.

Anna, his mum, has so much talent and created a beautiful universe. Tone in tone, simple and yet so many details. So much to discover… you can just re-visit the photos again and again.

What do you think? You like it? It has some boho flair too, no?

And we can say that it is natural and also neutral. Gender neutral. The perfect colour palette for a kids room that can be the home of a boy or a girl. Without loosing its charm or warmth.

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Everything blue for the little ones

Everything blue for the little ones

Blue Monday? Yes!
Because I love blue. Always and for everyone. Girls, boys, myself and for interiors. From navy to light blue… any shade.

That is why it was time to gather a few blue things for the little ones. And for mums too. Of course. We need a treat from time to time too.

And since blue is the colour of the sky and the sea… we can just never have enough:

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