5 fun kids rooms with a touch of red

kids room christmas
Six more days. The Christmas spirit is here, the mood is on and I am ready.
How about you?
On Boxing Day we will take the train and go to Germany. A little road trip that will start in the North and then will bring us all the way ‘down’… the only thing left to organize is the ‘how to get back to Sweden’ part. We shall see and we are even thinking about a little stopover via Amsterdam. We have not really been back since we moved and especially Antoine is asking sometimes to go and see where we lived and where he was born.

I will keep you posted!

And back to the Christmas part because today I gathered 5 fun rooms that all have something red. Red like Christmas, I thought it would be fun for this week.
And somehow red really grew on me this year.

There is one really festive room that will definitely put you in the right mood in case you still cannot believe that Santa is just around the corner.

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