Isbjörn of Sweden

Isbjörn of Sweden
When you live in Sweden you want {and need} to make sure that you have really good outerwear. For the kids and also for yourself. Here in the South {where we are} it is actually not so much about very low temperatures and lots of snow {Winters are not that different to other European countries such as Germany, UK, Netherlands etc…}.

But little kids in daycares are out whatever the weather. You will also find children using playgrounds during the cold period or rainy days. This is possible because they are dressed appropriately.

You probably already noticed that the best winter suits as well as rain wear are from Scandinavian brands.

Have you heard about Isbjörn of Sweden yet? { Isbjörn means polar bear in Swedish }
Isbjörn of Sweden creates children clothes of highest quality. Their success factors has been to make outdoor clothing for children with the same high quality as adults and at the same time do it with care for the nature.
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