Gift Guides 2017 – children

Gift Guides 2017 - children


Welcome to the next Gift Guide. Today we are covering children from age 3 to 9. {smaller children ideas you can find here}

Boys and girls, from bike to kitchen, from arty to beauty.

How are you getting along with the gift shopping? I have to pick up some parcels later on but I have the feeling that we are pretty covered. Oh… I like to be done a littleĀ  early so no rushing and emergency shopping.


Let’s see, some pretty good ideas for children:
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1. Bikes – balance bike for age 2 and up or a 12 inch pedal bike age 3 and up. The 16 inch for age 4 and up or the 20 inch for age 7 and up.
All come in a beautiful pale green or pale pink.

2. Milton & Goose play kitchen.

3. Coconut Lip Gloss for kids.

4. Colorful round swinger that is perfect for inside playtime.

5. Baby Alpaca cushion.

6. Miller Goodman PlayFolk. 75 Wooden Shapes coming with a storage bag.

7. Giant coloring poster & felt pens. Choose from many different posters that fit best with your child’s interests such as sport, cities, homes, world maps or Christmas themed prints. So much fun!

8. Beautiful wooden doll’s house that leaves a lot of room for creativity that can be mounted on the wall. There is a smaller version too.

9. Limited Edition Pink Organic Cotton Tent With Pompoms.

10. Ceramic Happy Day Doll’s Tea Set. With napkins!



Gift Guides 2017 overview:

* Stocking Fillers

* Small Children

* Children

* Teens

* Adults

* Teachers

* Grand Parents

* Best Friend





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