Craft project: cardboard dolls

A quick, simple and fun craft project: Interchangeable cardboard dolls.

I told you that KleinA was sick last week. After a day he was much better but still not 100% and outside it was raining and very windy. We took the crafting box out. Something quick and fun.
We made these dolls. Out of cardboard.
You need:
Card board
Paint and brush
(maybe a stapler)

1. Cut some heads and “bodies” from the cardboard. The triangles are dresses for example. Make sure you cut a neck because that is where we place the Velcro later. 2. Now you can paint your heads with faces, some fancy dresses and clothes. Of course you can cut hands and legs as well. Whatever you wish, I really wanted something quick because the little boy was not that patient with the girls, of course… getting better is much more cosy in mama’s arms.
3. Cut little pieces of Velcro and glue one part on the neck and the other part on the back of the body. (Make sure to glue the correct pieces … just saying…)
If you want you can staple it for a better hold.4. That is it. Your dolls are ready. Change heads and clothes as you like, or better… the kids like.
My daughter gave them all names.
The best part is you can extend this project as wide as you like, adding accessories, shoes, flowers… anything!
Hope you enjoyed this!

PS: You can find the inspirational project over at Made by Joel, with robots…
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