Christmas at Kew – A Feast of Lights

Christmas at Kew

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go …but the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be, on your own front door”

When the voice of Bing Crosby fills our home, we know its time for Christmas. Time for our silver reindeer to adorn our mantel piece, the Christmas lights to dazzle our tree, and Santa, the wizards and every little ornament come out of its box ready to be celebrated. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and my favorite holiday.

This year we’re staying in London and experiencing a snuggly Christmas. I wonder if we will indeed get a white Christmas. It has been so cold this winter that I wouldn’t be surprised if we did. Little M would be thrilled if we woke to snow on Christmas morn.

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We’re ready with her gifts, a few, but meaningful ones, which she will hopefully love and play with for a long time to come. She’s still small, and doesn’t really understand the whole Santa visiting story yet, but LOVES “Santa”….from afar!

Christmas at Kew Christmas at Kew Christmas at Kew

This past weekend, and to rev up the Christmas spirit inside us, we decided to go on the Christmas at Kew Trail, a walk into a winter wonderland of lights, lights and more lights. It is beautiful, and if all that Christmas-ness doesn’t get you into a holiday mood, I don’t know what will.

Every year, around this time, London’s famous Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew is transformed into a magical world – a world where lit up trees sing Christmas carols, a carousel rides with an 80 yr old, and an 8 year old side by side. It’s a place where giant baubles adorn symmetrical trees, exaggerated candles that seem to touch the sky, and the beauty of light against darkness play with your mind and take you to a place so happy.

The trail is approximately one mile, with lots of people, families, adults in colorful Christmas hats, people sporting their best (or worst!) Christmas jumpers. Apart from the sights, there’s lots of yummies in the food corner, sausages, hog roast, hot dogs and more. Of course, we cant forget the mulled wine, a glass of which warmed my insides, and made for an even happier walk.

Christmas at Kew Christmas at Kew

We especially loved the installation called ‘The Hive’, a stunning recreation of an actual beehive. It is beautiful, and by far the highlight of the visit for me. It is created to tell the story of the honey bee and the role of pollination. It is made entirely of aluminum (which you see up close), but from far it’s like a surreal
structure, that I found myself being drawn to.

Little M seemed to take in everything, and was especially enamored by the giant baubles, and of course Santa! It’s a lovely outing for the family, and unless your little ones are sick during this time, it’s great to get them out and on an adventure!

We ended with a piping Hot Chocolate, and a crisp warm sausage roll and some time to wander about the beautiful gift shop to warm our little one before we got her home.

She walked home with a little sparkly wand in her hand….ready to spread the magic of 2017 to everyone she saw.

2016 has been special. We watched Little M grow, and bring so much love and laughter to our lives. We also watched as the world around us changed, and made some decisions that bring uncertainty and wonder about our tolerance for each other’s background and culture.

We also moved house this year, and are settling in well into what is now our “home”. We travelled to beautiful places with the best company. And now, we can’t wait for more….

May the remainder of your 2016 be special.

May your Christmas be warm, white, and surrounded by love. ❤

2017 begin with a blast (or lots of sleep)….

Let the new year rejuvenate us all to be a better ‘US’ in a better world.

Today I’m humming: *Mele Kalikimaka* by Bing Crosby

{Mele Kalikimaka is a Hawaiian Christmas greeting, and this version is a song we often woke up to on Dad’s record player as kids when Christmas was approaching.}


Thank you Saroj! What a wonderful post to send you all, my dear readers, off into a wonderful Christmas break. With your loved ones. Hug them all the time and stay cosy!

Paul & Paula will take a little break and travel to Athens next week. You can surely find us on Instagram here and there…


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