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kinderzimmerei - kids interiors
kinderzimmerei - kids interiors

A while ago I showed you the cute little wooden houses from Kinderzimmerei {here} and have since been talking to Katharina and Eva and was curious about kids interiors.

Who uses the service and why, what is important when creating a space for the little ones and so on… let’s chat:


P&P: Hello girls, I understand that you create children’s rooms. How does it work? I imagine people contact you and then what happens next?

We analyse the situation of the family, the child and the room – sometimes on site, but sometimes also via phone or mail. It differs a lot depending on the age and character of the child, the size and quality of the room and the existing furniture. After we have all the information we will start the creative process of finding the best solution for THIS child in THIS room.
The results come in a very detailed folder called “room package”.
In here parents find all the information about furniture, placements, colours, materials, products & prices.


P&P: What are the main three questions you will ask the {future} parents when starting the process?

We need to know all about the situation: how old is the child, are there any changes in the near future, are there favourite things, colours or wishes, but also fears, allergies or other safety concerns we have to take care about. Normally it’s a lot more than three questions ;)


P&P: Do you need to see the space yourself or can you work from a distance as well?

Normally we try to visit their place but it also works online. We need photos and measurements and at least a longer phone call or mail. The better we know the people we are planning for, the better is the result.
kinderzimmerei - kids interiors


P&P: What if I don’t have a big budget and cannot afford a designer bed,desk,lamp and chair but would like a room that looks “stylish”?

You can do a lot by taking care of well fitting things. Not every “good” furniture has to be expensive. You can re-use things and do funny and creative DIY-stuff as well.
We always look for the budget options of our customers. Sometimes we are asked who on earth could afford an interior designer for a kids’ room – but it is the room that changes most over the years, a good planning avoids costs in the coming years. So in the end you’re gaining money by good planning. ;)


P&P: How important are colours?

Very important – but a very sensitive subject too. It as completely wrong that children NEED rooms with a strong and clear colour palette.
A pink room for a girl is not good for the child’s development. You only can play princess in a pink room – what a desaster for creativity!
Besides, all the toys and clothes and things bring their own colours, too. So it is way better to provide the room with a calm and modest surrounding which gives the child the possibility to build it’s own world. A favourite colour can be involved, of course, but maybe it’s only one wall or the blankets.


P&P: Once you created the room, can you also help to put it in place?

We work together with a team of professional manufacturers for all parts of the room: Carpenters for floors and furnishings, decorators for the textiles, painters for the walls. But most parents love to decorate the romm themselves, once they have a “tutorial” and inspiration folder…
kinderzimmerei - kids interiors

P&P: You must see and know a lot of products and brands – do you have an all time favourite?

We really love the collections from Flexa, because they have modest furniture that is classic and modern at the same time. Some of the elements you could even use as an adult. More expensive, but very well designed and from an impressive quality are the products from the Kalon Studios.

Thank you Kinderzimmerei and I hope you enjoyed this interview and learned a little!


All images: (c) kinderzimmerei – Holzer & Friedrich GbR



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