Caramel Baby & Child Flower show – Tokyo

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Last Saturday Caramel Baby & Child celebrated the launch of their S/S 2016 collection with a wonderful event at their Tokyo boutique – nestled in the trendy neighborhood of Daikanyama. The British label entertained their little guests all day long with an hymn to all things floral with a reference to the Chelsea Flower Show, held every Spring in London since 1912.

I teamed up with Abigail Terrien of Abi Loves to report on the event and interview Eva Karayiannis, founder and creative director of the brand.

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Madame Irma watches

Madama Irma watch
Madama Irma watch

When I first received an e mail from Madame Irma and their watches, I clicked and had a look at their website.

That was is it! Watches for kids… green, blue, yellow… hmmmm…

I am usually a quick decider – love it or delete it. Somehow I kept the e mail in my inbox, it said something about a new method and that this is not just an ordinary watch. Ok. Statement. Let’s see what is so different about it then:

The hours of the clock are indicated by colours. The minutes by animals. Aha.

I want to see if that works and what my kids will think and especially – how will they use it?

The Madame Irma watch arrived {blue model in case you wonder} for our 5 year old. Hop, let him check the box.  We put the watch on and let him “play” with it… checking the animals and colours. We talk about it and show him that it is 3.15pm, which on his watch means: Small hand on yellow and big hand on the cow.

We sit in the car and he asks how long we will drive, so we show the colour and animal for when we will arrive…

He is really into it and it is fun. It is difficult for a small child to understand time in hours and minutes. 3h until daddy comes home, 12h until the plane takes off…  showing these hours in colours and animals {a visual way} makes it easier to understand and probably time goes by a little faster too…

You can order your own Irmatime here.




Etsy favourites

paper storage bags
Cool storage bags for the family house!

petit prince pillow
Petit Prince pillow!

baby outfit
Hand made baby outfit from Italy.

DIY wooden doll house
Modular doll house.

flower girl dress
Flower girl dress!

paper bird
Wall mounted paper bird.

Papier Mache animal heads that can also be customized…


Happy week end everyone xoxo






You know how much I like to go to trade shows. Discovering the new collections, new brands {especially} and catching up with friends and many people I usually communicate with via e mail. But then I am a blogger and I pick the pretty stuff I like. I take pictures, I chat and I have fun and then I report back to you :)

… most other people go because they need to decide what they will buy for their shop.

And as lovely and pretty everything is, this is hard… the bigger the fair, the better the fair… the harder… many many things, budgets and the hope to know what will sell. Tough right?!

This is were the duo Sebastian & Marie, the founders of the Playtime fairs, got a brilliant idea:

Playologie – the first online trade fair for children’s and maternity universes.

“Playologie is the first online B2B trade fair for the children’s and maternity universes. It is a secure work platform that will allow both buyers and brands to work together in a more efficient way. Playologie is conceived to benefit all buyers and brands working in the children’s and maternity sectors.

For brands, Playologie offers the possibility of instantaneously reaching out to all markets and marketing their collections 7 days a week and 24h a day via the Web and an iPad app.

For buyers, Playologie gives free access to some of today’s best collections and allows them to manage orders at their own pace and, for many of them, in their own language (available in 6 languages: Russian, French, English, Japanese, German an Spanish).”
Of course nothing can really replace a visit to the fairs. See, touch and connect with brands is crucial but as mentioned, the shows are busy, your head is buzzing and keeping on overview is not easy. Even less when you need to decide what you want to order! You can see this as a complementary tool that will help saving time, placing orders afterwards or even before and managing them.


Playtime trade shows introduce Playologie from Playtime Paris, Tokyo, New York on Vimeo.

It is free to join as a buyer and believe me, so good to get home and log in and double check on the pieces you wrote down as favorites and mix and match with the rest you have on your notepad…



.:: Playologie ::.



Our week end in pictures

week end in pictures//sweden
week end princess
I am cheating a little because these pictures are from the long first of May week end, I just did not find a good moment to share them yet…

week end in pictures//sweden
week end in pictures//sweden
week end in pictures//sweden
week end at the beach
We went to the beach and had a nice walk!

week end in pictures//sweden
week end in pictures//sweden
week end in pictures//sweden
week end in pictures//sweden
Visited a farm and had a lovely brunch.

Love long week ends aka mini holidays!


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