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Paul & Paula loves long lasting high quality toys.

Toys that the whole family plays with and after years and years are still in use. We share our favourites as well as new finds from the toys world.







Die Kleinen Biester

Die Kleinen Biester
When the bat, the unicorn and the rabbit arrived at our house the discussion was big to decide who moves in with whom. The unicorn especially was wanted by several people…

Ing-Marie just added these new friends to her collection from Die Kleinen Biester. Now some of them are here in Malmo with us, to play, test, sleep and to play music again and again. The bat is a music box and very cool. Playing Schubert’s lullaby and lets your baby gently drift into his dreams. A real eye-catcher on the cot or cradle.

All creatures are made from organic fabrics, the music boxes are washable and everyone comes with a heart full of love from the North of Germany.

Maybe one is moving in with you soon as well? The original and creative design, the high-quality workmanship and the attention to detail make Die Kleinen Biester of Ing-Marie so unique.
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Gift Guides 2017 – children

Gift Guides 2017 - children


Welcome to the next Gift Guide. Today we are covering children from age 3 to 9. {smaller children ideas you can find here}

Boys and girls, from bike to kitchen, from arty to beauty.

How are you getting along with the gift shopping? I have to pick up some parcels later on but I have the feeling that we are pretty covered. Oh… I like to be done a little  early so no rushing and emergency shopping.


Let’s see, some pretty good ideas for children:
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Gift Guides 2017 – small children

Gift Guides 2017 - small children



Today we cover the very small ones, from baby to toddler. Let’s say 0-2 if you like numbers. Small gifts and also the big stuff, but everything is selected and special. Making sure you and your family can enjoy these for a long time.

Here are my favorite gifts for mall children:
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Gift Guides 2017 – Stocking Fillers for the whole family

Stocking Fillers for the whole family

Yay, I made it. The first gift guide is out and more will follow over the next days…
Starting with Stocking Fillers or good little ideas for Advent Calendars {find the best ones here in case you still need to get one}.

At the end of the post you can find a list of all Gift Guides that will be published for this year and I will update the links once they go live.
You can see I added a few categories, by request, and keep every guide to a crisp 10 ideas max. Less or more, isn’t…

It is, really, a Family Gift Guide. The kids of course that I split in small, children and then teens. But our partners should not be forgotten, and the grand parents, the teachers {always tricky} and what about our friends?

I hope you will find these helpful and inspiring! Merry Merry and some lovely festive weeks until Christmas!

Please find now my Gift Guide for Stocking Fillers for the whole family:
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Not that long ago I was writing about Main Sauvage just here, but I just came across these images that Lamb Loves Fox shot for them and absolutely love them.

So different and poetic.

And you can see that the kids had a blast. Coming up with fun ideas getting to know their new friends.

Really great series and so lovable…
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