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The Hive 2013 {new website and date}

The Hive
Finally… the new website is online and the date is revealed!

Come and join us at The Hive 2013 during the last week end of May {25 – 26.5.}.

Tickets will go on sale in January and news will be dropped one by one… stay tuned and mark the date


PS: Thank you to Helena for the new and fresh look! We feel so much better with it…


After The Hive is still #hive12

The buzz is that way ...
The Hive Blog Conference 2012, Berlin
Freunde von Freunden
Alright here we go… The Hive 2012 is over and you want to hear how it went, what it felt like and and and…

I will try because I am still a bit in dreamland and need to register that it actually really did happen.

During our little welcome speech we explained that it all really just got started because I said we should do a blog conference in Europe… and I was asked a couple of times during the week end if this is really the story and YES, it is. No kidding. Which might explain why it does need time to sink in, it happened, we made it, and it is over and people had fun.

This morning I started to collect all the blog posts already written about The Hive 2012 {we are close to 30 and I am actually not sure I got them all} and I started to read them… one by one… and ALL of them are full of excitement, enthusiasm, Thank you’s, power and positive feed back. I am not the person who runs out and yells “We are great” but after reading all these great articles I finally started to think: We might actually have organized and started something cool.

And it seems the German way of organization is one to follow –  everything went well, we were good with the time, all speakers arrived and all presentations were ready to play, enough food and drinks and the sun joined in as well…

As an organizer you are busy throughout the days and keep running between rooms and floors so I could not listen to one single key note in full length or chat with everyone.
That is why I will link to some very nice posts that captured the high lights of the week end just wonderfully:

e.m. papers on Day ONE and TWO.

sister mag on Day ONE and TWO.

Hidden Blossom.

You will find a full list of all posts written about the event on our Facebook page very soon.

Thank you all for coming, sharing, helping us to make this a success and the amazing feedback we received so far!

Thank you truly and please come back next year for #hive13.
All pictures are from our The Hive 2012 flickr group. Please join in and upload yours too!


The Hive – First European Blog Conference

The Hive

… you might already know that I can be a bit crazy and that I like to follow my gut feeling…

This time I was just sitting in the car, during a family visit in Germany, and was texting with Yvonne… talking about blogs and social media and how we want to go to a conference but it is just too expensive and too much travelling as they are all in the US… I think you got the story…

I just said: Let’s have one for Europe and we will organise it!

The Hive just launched!

We took Radostina on board and the 3 of us organize the First European Blog Conference!

There will be panels covering topics from ethics, copyright, finding your niche, online magazines, social media and many more as well as great work shops.

It is the perfect way to get more insight into blogging and we really have a good mix of speakers and visitors, small and big blogs, media lawyers, photographers and the ones who now live from blogging…

And how great is it to see the people you normally read or e mail with. Get to know more bloggers and exchange… have a drink and maybe get working on a great idea you had… this is The Hive!

All news and more info on the website and on FB and Twitter!

I really hope to see you there

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