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Full moon {and very excited kids}

full moon

Today I am asking you to share… share your experience.
Because I would like to know how your kids react to full moon!
Does that sound weird? If yes, then maybe nothing unnormal is going on in your house but I can tell you in mine…haha… full moon = party time.
And I am not exaggerating! Both kids get excited, do not sleep really well (it is OK, but lots of movements) and usually later than normal and are really a bit “different”.
I might need to get a moon calendar because very often we wonder what is going on until we realize: it is full moon… and we go like: ah, OK, now we understand! But maybe its better not to know beforehand haha…
Are you kids going a bit crazy as well on these days and what about yourself?
And is there something I could do or try to calm them a bit down, our evenings are really always the same so if there is a little tricky trick… I am all ears :)


Can we have it all?

{just see that I forgot the image credit and now I do not remember where I found it, please let me know if you do and I will link back}

I was just browsing the net, researching, getting pictures, background info and and and…
if you do write a blog you know what I mean, if you don’t…be happy and enjoy the results :)
Now… being in the middle of cool kids brands, getting info on the latest collections and seeing fabulous things always and everywhere just gives this sign to my brain: WANT WANT WANT!
Do you have it as well?
Another supercute summer dress, lovely shorts for the boy… awwwwwww, these shoes are awesome…and…my… the hat is really WOW too…
Ahhhhhhh… of course… shopping is fun… bit I am no millionaire :)
How do you resist or is it just me who could click “add to my cart” all the time? With pay pal it is oh so easy as well…
At the moment I set a line and said no shopping till we go to France beginning July. (however exceptions have to be made if you spend a couple of days in Copenhagen).
Whenever I received a newsletter with a nice promo, saw new pieces or surfed cool online boutiques (for the blog of course)… I remembered the France deal.
One task for my work is to write a blog about travelling… did you just laugh?
Ha…I know… once in a while I tell my boss to keep in mind that we have to make a world tour and visit all the places I write about… the day we become rich it is… Ha!

Tell me, blogger friends and other fashion victims (today I am allowed to use this silly word)… how do you resist to not end up in shopping sprees everytime you write a post?


Kids flying around the world – alone

I was reading this article in The Wall Street Journal (no it is not my daily read, I just somehow clicked my way through the net and landed here) and have to share it with you.

As businesses become increasingly global, more parents are taking jobs overseas.As it isn’t always desirable for children to move abroad, many find themselves shuttling between school and their parents’ base, often making the journey aloneā€”a potentially nerve-wracking experience for all. Most major airlines run programs for these junior jet-setters, known as “unaccompanied minors,” to ensure they get from A to B with the minimum of worry and potential for mishap.

Reading the article gave me a very strange feeling, so many thoughts came up and a lot of questions.
I am not in the position to tell people how to organise their lifes and I am very aware that it is not always your first choice but the job’s that brings money on the account… however….working and living on a different continent (even country) than your kids. And not talking kids who already study and manage their own lifes.
I just cannot imagine doing this AT ALL!
Can you?
I would be so stressed (and I am usually a very relaxed mum). I could never settle and most of all, half of ME would be missing, I could just not be happy.

A shocking quote:
“I think the…system offered by the airlines works really well,” he says. “Certainly my wife and I would have found it difficult to live in Australia without it. The only other option would have been for my wife to stay in Europe to be close to the children and that would not have been ideal.”
Not ideal his wife being seperated from him, I understand, but it is OK for his kids? Being seperated from their parents? I am shocked.
Flying from Europe to Australia is a at least 24h journey.

For me these airline services were always “holiday hoppers”, a thing I could imagine doing one day (give me a couple of years more) as well. All our grand parents live in a different country and spending some time of the very long summer holidays with granny sounds a good idea… but chances are high I would fly back and forth and back and forth :)

Apart from the point that I would miss my kids to death (just the thought of it makes my heart cringe) how freaky to imagine not to know what is going on their lifes!

I agree on the globalisation point but as a family you should be able to live this kind of life TOGETHER.
My head is spinning.

What do you think? Is there a point I just completely forget in my thinking that would give this idea an OK?
Have you ever been in this situation and what did you decide to do?


Tell me your story…

You might have heard about this story hitting headlines over the week end: A couple living in London let their 2 kids cycling to school – alone!
We are not in the situation yet to make such decisions here and when the time comes the circumstances will decide (busy streets, how far… etc.).
It is not a brand new topic about protective parents and how much freedom we should allow our children. Lots of factors should be considered before judging but apart from the media there is another factor, I think, is playing a big role: our enviroment, the people around us, the other parents on the street…
From what I feel, read and hear – some time ago ( lets say when our own parents were kids) children were a part of the society and I mean they were part of everybodies life! The neighbour, the postman, people you did not meet before… they all looked after the kids, they helped to get down from the tree if mummy was not available or listened to the story that was just in a child`s mind …
Here in Amsterdam I still have this feeling – people care about each other and it makes me happy. Last week we went to the park and my daughter made a new friend. I was just breastfeeding KleinA when the 2 girls decided to go for a swim…and the other mum offered me to watch KleinR because she saw that I was a bit busy. How nice… !
(I could still see her of course but not running in the water)
But let`s go to Berlin for example, my home town and one of the loveliest cities I know… children seem to be a “chic accessoire” these days. Playground stops – we were mostly the only ones actually playing with the kids and not just watching them…
More important to check out other parents, having the most expensive buggy and your child speaking 5 languages (all not properly) than to actually enjoy and share.
Go to Paris, yes people have a lot of kids because the more you have the higher your social status, but sometimes I am not sure people actually know where to find the nearest park, because the au pair takes the kids there all the time…
Everybody is so busy, they would not even notice a baby falling down from the sky…
It is so difficult to make the right decisions, to filter all the information you get and to give your gut feeling a chance…
Would or do you let your kids cycle alone to school? How protective are you?
Tell me your story…

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