Christmas at Kew – A Feast of Lights

Christmas at Kew

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go …but the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be, on your own front door”

When the voice of Bing Crosby fills our home, we know its time for Christmas. Time for our silver reindeer to adorn our mantel piece, the Christmas lights to dazzle our tree, and Santa, the wizards and every little ornament come out of its box ready to be celebrated. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and my favorite holiday.

This year we’re staying in London and experiencing a snuggly Christmas. I wonder if we will indeed get a white Christmas. It has been so cold this winter that I wouldn’t be surprised if we did. Little M would be thrilled if we woke to snow on Christmas morn.

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Why do Grandma and Grandpa live so far away?


It was very early on most mornings this past summer. Little M would saunter out of her bedroom with me in tow, and walk to the living room. Three steps before she reached the living room, she could see the familiar figure sitting on the dining table on his laptop, trying to catch the stock market timings back in his homeland. She would look up at me, smile, every time, and then walk ahead.

“Hiiiii Papaaaa”, she’d say in her sweet-I- knew-you- would-be- sitting-here voice.

And every morning, my Dad, Papa for her, would break into the most happiest smile saying, “Good Morning Mila”. They had a bit of conversation for a couple of minutes, as she wandered about towards her play area, answering some of this questions with a ‘yaaa’, or, just by her silence as she looked for Polly, her dolly, or Captain America, the action figure, or settled herself comfortably to place one block over the other – grabbing a little play time while breakfast was getting ready.

My Mum and Dad, Little M’s Grandma (Nana to her) and Grandpa (Papa to her) spent this past summer with us in London. We visit each other as often as we can given the distance between us is considerable. The last time they were here was when Little M arrived about 21 months ago. And as tradition is, they left after settling us in to parenthood. We went to spend Christmas with them last year, and now, we got to have them over again.

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A hot Summer in Italy {with kids}

Lemons anyone_

Nothing prepares you for the beauty of a country, or the feeling of youth you feel, when compared to the history of its art, sculptures, or structures. Italy is a great place to feel, young, very hot (weather wise!), and in the best of places, enjoying the summer.

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Tiny Explorers Out in Kensington

tiny explorer

Hello Saroj! Welcome to our new contributor here on Paul & Paula. Saroj is based in London, created Little Kokoro and will share some fun family things to do in London as well as from their family travels. Today we start with Tiny Explorers in the Kensington Gardens:

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