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Road Trip part three – Vancouver


After we dropped the camper van we took the plane to get to Vancouver. It was a long day because we spend a lot of time at the airport (had to return the RV before noon and the flight was only at 7.30pm) but we could watch a football match, found a little play area and you know… watched planes…

In Vancouver we rented a little house that was not that far from the airport and very well and quickly connected to get downtown.

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Road Trip Part Two – 12 days in a camper van

RV trip

After our week in San Francisco we went to pick up a camper van (RV). There are various reasons behind it – being able to get away from the coast is one, trying something new is another and going on a little extra adventure that the kids will love was a BIG one.

Weeks before we even left they hardly talked about something else. They were drawing camper vans, asked if ours would be the same every time we spotted one on the streets and Romy was super excited that her birthday would fall into the 12 days we had the rolling house.
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Road Trip Part One – San Francisco

San Francisco with kids

We started! We are on the road… we managed the 11h flight, we are over the jetlag and we are having so much fun… sometimes I still have to pinch myself that this is actually real.

It is!

We arrived on Monday (nearly 2 weeks ago) in the afternoon local time which was midnight for us and meant: 2 kids fell asleep just before landing and the rest could barely keep their eyes open. Taxi to the hotel…. quick refreshment and off to bed… and yay… first movements at around 1am (night!!!)…. we managed to keep things low till around 2am… and after 2h in the hotel room we just needed to get out…. walking the streets of San Francisco with four kids at 4am… well…nothing I need to do again but lets just call it a part of the whole adventure… (and lots of stops at Starbucks).

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Road trip – only two more weeks before the trip

alba bici illustrations
Wow! 2 weeks ago I really started to get nervous… that was when I realised that we only had 4 more weeks.

4 more weeks to prepare and to be able to leave with nothing left on the to-do-list…

Another 2 more weeks later and the “deadline” keeps me busy. Pushing me to prepare the blog as good and as much as possible. But of course there are other things to prepare to: what to take {and what not… 9 weeks away you really do not want to have things in your bag you never need}, what to do “sur place” and and and…

What to do with the car, the plants, the mail… you name it.

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Road Trip {booking phase}

San Francisco

In January I introduced you to our summer plans {right here}… 2 months traveling up and down the US West Coast. All of us… of course. {just saying… because people sometimes ask these funny questions and ask, for example, if we will travel all together… well… hmmmm…. yes… it is actually more the ALL TOGETHER part that we are looking forward to than anything else… I love traveling with the kids and with every journey they grow so much…}

So yes… all of six of us… flying to San Francisco … that is where we stopped last time… nearly 3 months later we did manage to book a few more things, decide what we want to do… lets have a look:


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