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Playtime Tokyo F/W 2016-17

Playtime Tokyo
Illustration by Anne Laval

Greetings from Tokyo!

I am here to report on the 14th edition of Playtime Tokyo, which took place at the end of February at Belle Salle Shibuya. Over 230 brands were gathered to present their fall/winter 2016-17 collections and among them were even more labels from Japan than at the last edition! Other countries represented were: France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Finland, USA, South Korea, China and Australia.

The theme of the season? MARVELOUS. Let me bring you for a tour at Playtime Tokyo!

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Playtime Tokyo {S/S 2016}

Playtime Tokyo_Anne Laval
Illustration by Anne Laval

Hello from Tokyo!

I am happy to report on Paul & Paula about Playtime Tokyo which just took place last week at Belle Salle Shibuya. The trade show keeps growing season after season, with 230 exhibitors for their August 2015 edition. This time I noticed the presence of more local Japanese brands (from all over Japan), which I am very excited about. Other countries represented: France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, UK, Ireland, USA, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and Singapore.

Covering the event were Cocomag, Milk Japan, Kid’s Wear, FQ Japan, Babyologie, Gap Kids, Papier Mache, etc…
The theme of the season? MOVEMENT. Let’s go!


#1 Trend Space : On the road by Nuico

1 Trend Space_Playtime Tokyo Aug15

top left to right: Playtime café space, folkmade, Le Petit Philosophe, Ninos

9 Playtime Tokyo_AUG2015

Trend Space “On the Road” by Nuico

As always, I am looking forward to discovering the trend spaces and the fabulous work of the artists invited to showcase their work. I especially loved the work of Nuico and her unique, beautiful hand-sewn dolls hanging from the ceiling in a spectacular manner.

Brands from Japan that caught my attention:

Ami Amie – lovely knitwear

Folkmade – kids wear with a Japanese edge and great fabric/ details

muu muu – for their quirky knitwear and easy to navigate website

Franky Grow – Japanese kidswear, very unique website!

De Nachos – laidback, boho feel (the brand is based in a lovely city on the west coast of Japan)

Arch & Line – fancy, classy clothes for elegant little people

Ninos – footwear designed & made in Japan


#2 Trend Space : Take it easy by Norio Monma

2 Trend Space_Playtime Tokyo Aug15

Trend space “Take it easy” by Norio Nonma

left to right: Sophia 203, CAST Japan, Tutu du Monde, folkmade

I always appreciate to catch up with the brands that regularly attend the show and get to talk to the designers (when they come), the team or their agents. This season, I was really happy to find out that Tutu du Monde was part of the show and I got to chat and get insights from founder and creative director Andrea Rembeck herself! No doubt the brand will be very well received here too.

Tutu du Monde (Australia) – the world acclaimed tutus made their debut in Japan!

Sophia 203 (Japan/ India) – delicate, hand-embroidered accessories

Bonheur du Jour (France) – colorful, romantic collection with gorgeous embroidery details

Luisa & Ernesto (Ireland) – luxury footwear

Beau Loves (UK) – quirky, fun, stylish

Velveteen (Hong Kong) – classic, well crafted clothes. lovely color combination & materials

nobodinoz (Spain) – quirky, cute label from Spain / home decor, clothes, toys

Louise Misha (France) – poetic and dreamy clothes for little ones and their mummies

No added Sugar (UK) – absolutely gorgeous collection, I loved it!


#3 Trend Space : Let’s dance by Takashi Nakajima

3 Trend Space_Playtime Tokyo Aug15

Trend space “Let’s dance” by Takashi Nakajima

right, top to bottom: Playtime invitation, Abi Loves Tokyo space, Ladedah

Sunshine Playground

Abi Loves, a Tokyo Kids Event Producer company, animated a space for the youngest guests called the Sunshine Playground, where kids could try out wooden games handmade by Japanese artist Yuta Nishiura and decorate paper masks created by Sophia 203. The walls were showcasing the light sculpture by French sculptor Zoé Rumeau.


5 Playtime Tokyo_AUG2015


Kodomono Space

Playtime meets Kodomono is a new space that launched last February, entirely dedicated to design for children. The space doubled due to an increasing demand from brands. The dozen of labels/ agents propose single products or small design collections.

30 Playtime Tokyo_AUG2015

Below are a few toy/ home decor brands from Japan and abroad that are worth bookmarking:

The Wallpaper Tokyo (Japan) – great great wallpaper designs

Rocca Spiele (Japan) – games and goods

Tickle Glass (Japan) – handmade glass objects in Gifu prefecture

Rock and Pebble (USA) – beautiful homewares, toys and paper products

Ladedah Kids (Australia) – hand-crocheted toys and home decor items

Les Jouets Libres (France) – beautiful wooden toys made in France

Snug Studio (Germany) – clear, minimalistic, classic design

Meyer-Lavigne (Denmark) – unique Scandinavian home decor items
Next edition of Playtime Tokyo: February 23 – 24 – 25, 2016

I hope you enjoyed the read!

Coming next is a post about Abi Loves, a Tokyo-based event producer specialising in kids event. Stay tuned!


Thank you so much Marie for the report… I still would love to go to Playtime Tokyo one day, so happy to have you and share the experience…





Playologie {an interview}


As a follow up to my post about Playologie, I am happy to share a little interview I had with Sebastian, one half of the Playtime / Playologie team:


Paul & Paula: I understand that Playologie is a showroom as well as an ordering tool. What do buyers use it most for?

Even though Playologie is still very young, there’s already a good balance between the use as an ordering tool – following a direct invitation from a brand – and the « surfing » to discover new lines from all over the world.

P&P:From my experience I see that buyers place less and less orders at the fair itself. Mostly because it is too overwhelming to decide on your selection and also to calculate and keep other brands in mind. Would you say that Playologie is taking over from this point?

Indeed when you go to a show with hundreds of brands, it’s almost impossible to make the right decisions in three days, unless you know exactly what you want, but then you’re missing what a show really is about, which is discovering new collections, getting a good feel of the trends, talking to other professionals and making contacts that will help you grow your business. In that context, Playologie is the ideal continuation of a trade show, it enables buyers and brands to pursue the commercial relationship online and allow them to focus during the show on what is essential and can not be done elsewhere.

P&P:And also can Playologie help buyers to plan their budgets and strategically buy collections?

Well, each country and market is different and each shop has its own needs that we don’t know of. However, having a global view of all collections and centralizing all orders is the most efficient way to buy collections and plan one’s budgets. And for someone who wants to work this way, Playologie proves to be a great strategic tool that has been missing until now.

P&P:What is the feedback you get from the shops and buyers?

They seem to find it both efficient, quick and user friendly. We’ve also had a great feedback from the immediate deliveries section where they can order collections all year round.


P&P:Any future plans you can share with us?

In the next six months we’ll be taking Playologie to the next level and make it a tool that helps brands manage their entire collections from A to Z, from creation to shipping so they can work anytime from anywhere in the world!

P&P:And a very different question to finish off but I would love to ask somebody who knows the business so well: Where do you think the whole kids fashion industry will go? It has grown so much over the last years…

It has also already started shrinking to a more reasonable level! Such as in women’s fashion, there has been a growth that was above the capacities of the actual market. Quite a few brands are suffering from the lasting crisis, many have disappeared, but new ones have also come up with different approaches.
The growth in production and creativity of bigger chains of stores is undoubtedly forcing the smaller brands to be more creative and inventive than ever. One has to come up with new ideas all the time, which eventually might be a good thing for the final consumer.


Thank you Sebastian!


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Welcome new contributor – Marie from Tokyo

Marie Maglaque

So so happy to introduce you to Marie, my new contributor here on Paul & Paula.

Marie is originally from France and an accessory designer and party planner but also a nomad {just like me} who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan with her 2 kids and husband.

To be honest I do not recall exactly how I met Marie {do you Marie?} but it must be because of our blogs. Big world can be so small. We also managed to meet once at Playtime and I remember this crazy looking phone number calling me. A Japanese one to let me know that she waited on the other side of the fair…

Marie is such a cute and warm and sweet person. We kept in touch via e mail and social media and one day I just asked her if she could imagine to report a little about Japan and what is going on with kids fashion, design etc… there are gorgeous things but often it is hard to find them. Many brands do not even have a website and if they do, in Japanese only… hard to navigate for me.

Buuuuuut Marie said yes…. I am so happy because me too I am so curious to see, read and learn more from this part of the world.

Today I will also share a big report Marie did on the last edition of Playtime Tokyo! Stay tuned… lots of goodies!


Please discover Marie’s work here and her blog here.





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