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Playtime New York for S/S 2017


We are so lucky to report from Playtime New York. Surabhi from Third Eye Chic Kids went, took lots of pictures, checked out the new as well as old favourites and here is here report:

Playtime New York, yet another great show this summer at the Metropolitan Pavilion from July 31- August 2. This was my third consecutive show, and it was the biggest Playtime to date in New York with over 180 American and international brands that showcased their Spring/Summer 2017 collections. It was a fascinating experience, as always.

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Did you go to Playtime Paris last week end? I was following through social media and even so I am the happiest girl right now… on this big vacation with my family… I also missed being there. I missed last season already and I just love to catch up with everyone, browse the new collections and of course enjoy a little girlie time after the fair with friends…

Buuuuut… back to business.

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Playologie {an interview}


As a follow up to my post about Playologie, I am happy to share a little interview I had with Sebastian, one half of the Playtime / Playologie team:


Paul & Paula: I understand that Playologie is a showroom as well as an ordering tool. What do buyers use it most for?

Even though Playologie is still very young, there’s already a good balance between the use as an ordering tool – following a direct invitation from a brand – and the « surfing » to discover new lines from all over the world.

P&P:From my experience I see that buyers place less and less orders at the fair itself. Mostly because it is too overwhelming to decide on your selection and also to calculate and keep other brands in mind. Would you say that Playologie is taking over from this point?

Indeed when you go to a show with hundreds of brands, it’s almost impossible to make the right decisions in three days, unless you know exactly what you want, but then you’re missing what a show really is about, which is discovering new collections, getting a good feel of the trends, talking to other professionals and making contacts that will help you grow your business. In that context, Playologie is the ideal continuation of a trade show, it enables buyers and brands to pursue the commercial relationship online and allow them to focus during the show on what is essential and can not be done elsewhere.

P&P:And also can Playologie help buyers to plan their budgets and strategically buy collections?

Well, each country and market is different and each shop has its own needs that we don’t know of. However, having a global view of all collections and centralizing all orders is the most efficient way to buy collections and plan one’s budgets. And for someone who wants to work this way, Playologie proves to be a great strategic tool that has been missing until now.

P&P:What is the feedback you get from the shops and buyers?

They seem to find it both efficient, quick and user friendly. We’ve also had a great feedback from the immediate deliveries section where they can order collections all year round.


P&P:Any future plans you can share with us?

In the next six months we’ll be taking Playologie to the next level and make it a tool that helps brands manage their entire collections from A to Z, from creation to shipping so they can work anytime from anywhere in the world!

P&P:And a very different question to finish off but I would love to ask somebody who knows the business so well: Where do you think the whole kids fashion industry will go? It has grown so much over the last years…

It has also already started shrinking to a more reasonable level! Such as in women’s fashion, there has been a growth that was above the capacities of the actual market. Quite a few brands are suffering from the lasting crisis, many have disappeared, but new ones have also come up with different approaches.
The growth in production and creativity of bigger chains of stores is undoubtedly forcing the smaller brands to be more creative and inventive than ever. One has to come up with new ideas all the time, which eventually might be a good thing for the final consumer.


Thank you Sebastian!


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You know how much I like to go to trade shows. Discovering the new collections, new brands {especially} and catching up with friends and many people I usually communicate with via e mail. But then I am a blogger and I pick the pretty stuff I like. I take pictures, I chat and I have fun and then I report back to you :)

… most other people go because they need to decide what they will buy for their shop.

And as lovely and pretty everything is, this is hard… the bigger the fair, the better the fair… the harder… many many things, budgets and the hope to know what will sell. Tough right?!

This is were the duo Sebastian & Marie, the founders of the Playtime fairs, got a brilliant idea:

Playologie – the first online trade fair for children’s and maternity universes.

“Playologie is the first online B2B trade fair for the children’s and maternity universes. It is a secure work platform that will allow both buyers and brands to work together in a more efficient way. Playologie is conceived to benefit all buyers and brands working in the children’s and maternity sectors.

For brands, Playologie offers the possibility of instantaneously reaching out to all markets and marketing their collections 7 days a week and 24h a day via the Web and an iPad app.

For buyers, Playologie gives free access to some of today’s best collections and allows them to manage orders at their own pace and, for many of them, in their own language (available in 6 languages: Russian, French, English, Japanese, German an Spanish).”
Of course nothing can really replace a visit to the fairs. See, touch and connect with brands is crucial but as mentioned, the shows are busy, your head is buzzing and keeping on overview is not easy. Even less when you need to decide what you want to order! You can see this as a complementary tool that will help saving time, placing orders afterwards or even before and managing them.


Playtime trade shows introduce Playologie from Playtime Paris, Tokyo, New York on Vimeo.

It is free to join as a buyer and believe me, so good to get home and log in and double check on the pieces you wrote down as favorites and mix and match with the rest you have on your notepad…



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Playtime NYC favourite {Luisa et La Luna}

Paul&Paula blog: Luisa et La Luna//Playtime NYC
Paul&Paula blog: Luisa et La Luna//Playtime NYC
Paul&Paula blog: Luisa et La Luna//Playtime NYC
Paul&Paula blog: Luisa et La Luna//Playtime NYC
Paul&Paula blog: Luisa et La Luna//Playtime NYC
Paul&Paula blog: Luisa et La Luna//Playtime NYC
Paul&Paula blog: Luisa et La Luna//Playtime NYC
I kept the best to finish my posts on Playtime NYC.

The high light of the show, for me, was this brand new label called Luisa et La Luna.

Beautiful prints, soft colours and THOSE jackets. Adorable! And this is just the very first collection… I cannot wait to follow along and see what will come after that…

I love that next to the light colours, Alicia – the designer – added some nay too. Such a classy colour and especially paired with subtle tones… so beautiful!

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