pen pals


Pen pals {part two}

mail from chinatown
mail from chinatown
My friend Amanda just moved. Still in Brooklyn but now just around the corner from China Town.

The kids are already loving all the soups and dumplings and we were treated with an envelope full of China Goodies…

mail from chinatown
Sticky Moustache anyone?




Pen Pals {part one}

vintage books
My friend Amanda wrote the perfect introduction to this little new series that will be held between Paul & Paula and Coos & Ahhs.

And I am awfully late with my turn. Really badly late and that is so not me… but man… this year started even crazier than the last one ended and believe me I did not think that was possible… more on that later and you will understand!
maple treat
Amanda went to see her parents up in Vermont and sent us some goodies she found on the way… and the package was so whimsical I wish I could go on that trip one day as well.

The sweetest children’s Vintage books and postcards, some yummy treats and and and….
vintage books
All with a lovely handwritten letter! The kids here love to get mail from Henry and Adela and especially Antoine is still asking about the little men in NYC every here and there…

Now it is our turn again. Going to Frankfurt on Wednesday to visit a good friend of mine… let’s see what we will find …


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