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Road trip part eight – Santa Cruz

santa cruz

This is the first post from home and the last one about the trip. Kinda. This is the last part. In my head I plan to write a little ’round up’ – like a top ten list and things that stood out A LOT and so on…. working on it. But the reality is: We are back. It is 5 am here in Sweden, the jet lag is playing with me, I am sitting in my own kitchen and it makes me happy to see the pictures. It makes me happy that we did this amazing trip. I actually already ordered a few prints from my Instagram pictures so we can have them up in the house and look at them…

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Road trip part SEVEN – San Luis Obispo & Monterey Bay Area

big sur

We left Santa Barbara and took the train again and for the last time. The journey from SB to San Luis Obispo takes you along the ocean for most of the time – it is absolutely stunning. Plus the train has ‘sight wagons’ – where you sit like in a glass house. There was even a person that was speaking and shared lots of historical infos about the places etc…
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Road Trip part six – Santa Barbara

santa barbara

After we did a looooot of city sightseeing at the beginning of the trip we are now in real ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ mode… sun, beach, strolling around, little stop here and there, playing and and and….
Encinitas was great for that and so was Santa Barbara!

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Road Trip part five – San Diego & Encinitas


We took the plane from Seattle to San Diego. Very smooth flight, no clouds and as we were in the air during the evening we had a beautiful view of LA by night for example…

We arrived after 10pm and had booked a hotel close to the airport. Luggage, taxi, shower & bed!

The next morning we went for breakfast at the Naked Cafe – clean, yummy foods to start the day. Was perfect!

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Road trip part four – Seattle


Oh we loved Seattle! Such a great city and so much to do and see. In and around. Great people, cool atmosphere, relaxed and a bit arty. Very nice!

We took the train from Vancouver and that already was quite an experience. In a country where everything is so modern taking the train puts you right back in the 60’s. The uniforms must not have changed for decades, the train is slow yet brings you through some beautiful places and for a lot of time you sit right next to the water. Amazing! And it is cheap… the ride from Vancouver to Seattle takes 4 1/2h. (By car it would be around 2 1/2h ….)

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