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Craft Birthday party

Craft Birthday Party
I actually did not really plan to write a post about Romy’s party but then I thought that it might help a few of you…


Romy turned 9! Yes N I N E! Big girl nine years old {to be very honest she did not yet actually… she will in 3 days and the party was that early because school ends in the beginning of June and to make sure most of her friends could join we planned it a week end before the last week of school}

We talked about this party for some time already, ideas came and went away, lets do this, maybe not… back and for… nine is not small, nine is not big girl, slumber party is an idea but most of her friends are not “ready” yet… until I suggested the idea of a crafts party. We brainstormed a little on what we could do and boom! – done… crafts party it is. She loves to make things! Always busy drawing, cutting, creating…

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Mara Mea diaper bag – review

Mara Mea changing bag
Soooooo me, myself and a diaper bag. Nothing super special about that seeing there are 4 kids in the house. But until now I did not own a proper diaper bag. Well, that is not completely true. I did get one when Romy {my eldest} was born. A rather simple dark blue version… but I never used it. Maybe I tried it once or twice… and went just back to “put a few diapers and wipes in my normal bag and done” kinda life…

Until recently.

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Antoine & Leonor’s bedroom

Antoine & Leonor's bedroom

I did it! I finally took pictures of Antoine & Leonor’s new bedroom. You remember that we changed things around when Josephine joined us. My old office / guest room moved out and became another kids bedroom.

We now have one playroom, Romy has her own room {where Antoine used to sleep too until the change}, a bedroom for Antoine & Leonor and a corner for the baby in our {truly giant} bedroom. And as I often get asked how old the kids are when it comes to rooms and where they sleep: Romy is 9 {in just a few weeks}, Antoine 6, Leonor 3 1/2 and Josephine 8 months. {at time of this post}

So we do have a 6 year old boy and a 3 1/2 year old girl sharing a bedroom. As you know I am totally not into the gender stereotype – not much of pink and blue going on here.
Let’s have a look at the room and how we managed a neutral place where everyone feels comfortable:

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Superhero Birthday Party

Superhero party {incl free party printables}
My boy turned S I X!

And he wanted to be a hero for his special day… so a superhero party we did and yes it was super fun! Rather cosy and at home but then I think: Aren’t those the best parties anyway? A little more personal…

I searched the net about ideas {Thank you Pinterest} and partnered with my favourite party supply store Little Lulubel to add the right tableware and other little details to make it super special.

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week end breakfast with Paul & Paula

Breakfast with Paul & Paula
… oh I love Saturday morning breakfasts… one of the best things… it’s the week end, it’s “clock free” {no checking the time because you need to be at school on time etc} and we have time to sit as long as we like and enjoy the first hours of the week end…

That is why I usually try to get some extra yummy things like fresh juice, strawberries, a little treat like banana bread and whatever else takes our fancy…

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