Niddle Noddle

Niddle Noddle shop
Niddle Noddle is a wonderful children’s boutique offering unique and exclusive fashion, accessories, books, toys and home ware for children and their parents!

I especially like the decor and toys section. You can find some really rare items here as well as perfect gifts for any occasion.

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Briar – handmade bonnets

Briar - handmade bonnets
Made for little people and little moments you wish to remember forever! These baby bonnets are special and  made of the best materials for style, quality, and function.

Briar Handmade bonnets are simply beautiful and a must have for every baby {and such a great little & special gift}
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natti natti

Natti Natti
Natti Natti is a small Swedish/American family owned childrens bedding line. Creating organic and modern pieces that not only help your little ones sleep but also make a positive impact in our homes and lives.  Shannon and Eric really make your happy a little more happy and our beds a little more pretty!

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Lex&Liv Footwear

lex&liv baby moccasins
You are probably aware that the baby moccasin market is blooming. There are many many brands out there, most rather similar in style {moccasins are moccasins in the end} as well as in colours which is because the leather comes from the same supplier for everyone {if they are going down the natural road and most are}.

BUT there are surprises out there. Sweet little germs… and I found one.

Lex&Liv Footwear is a stylish line of American handmade, soft-soled, leather children’s shoes. I am in love with all the details, the little extras… the feather style, the elegance and and and… just perfect!

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Mis Crios

Mis Crios
Mis Crios  is a timeless yet modern collection for kids and women. Designed by Cecilia Sörensen in Helsinki. Made in Europe.

The idea behind the Mis Crios collection is a no-fuss approach. All garments are very easily dressed without inconvenient zippers or buttons complicating daily life. Made from very high quality fabrics the pieces will last forever and can be worn all year long.

I really like this combination of high quality and casual, something I aim for in my wardrobe as well,  you create outfits that are modern and also a bit romantic, a twist of northern style… and basically you look perfect for just any occasions!
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