Novalee – issue2

novalee issue2
novalee issue2
novalee issue2
So so happy to show you {issue two} of Novalee.

It is now starting to look the way we really want it and that makes us very happy.
I really hope that you enjoy this issue and get inspired.

And I am out of words haha… it is one of my babies so there is a lot of work and passion in it and when it comes to announcing I just don’t know what to say…
Go here, lean back and swoooooooon xxx


Novalee magazine {is out}

I actually don’t even know how to start. If I come up with “another surprise” it’s already kinda lame. So let me think.

I have like the best friend living on the other side of the world (and I do mean OTHER side). Angela dreamed about a magazine, and because she’s got some fire she realized it.
Long story short… I somehow landed in the team :)

An adventure, learning, searching, brain storming, letters, parcels and I have no clue how many e mails and texts between Amsterdam and Vancouver but wow…. we are so proud of Novalee Issue 1.

To give you an idea think about: art, fashion, street, kids, teens, revolution and rock n roll.
For the rest just check it out your self!

Really just check it out and enjoy…

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