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Favourite toys {Mallorca}

Good Morning, I am very happy to tell you that we have another part of my readers kids favourite toys here today.
Mandy from La Chicha shares her daughters all time favourites with us today!

Laura will be 2 soon. How time flies!! I still can remember each moment
of the birth (that’s why I don’t have a second one yet :)

2 weeks ago Lauras grandparents were here for a little surprise visit.
On the market they could not resist to buy her a little bunny. Laura
named it LILI and i am still wondering how much that little thing can
bear. It’s like a little doggy running behind Laura and she loves

Like every little girl she likes to play with dolls. Both dolls are presents from her grandparents.
The blonde one is from the old Sterntaler Collection.

The first thing she had in her bed was a white cat? mouse?…strange
animal, which we call just “TEDDY”.
She still has Teddy and don´t want
to sleep without him.

Laura really likes to watch books. Her favourite book before sleeping is: “Gute-Nacht-Geschichten für die Kleinsten”.

Thank you Mandy!

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Favourite toys {Montreal}

Good Morning! Today I have a new issue of my new column called:
My readers kids favourite toys!
And I am very happy to have Chantale from The Adventures of Skinny Mini Kiki because I love her happy and colourful photographs.
And her daughter, Keira…isn’t she just darling?

We live in the lovely province of Québec, in a beautiful suburb of Montreal.
We have only the one kiddo, Keira-Mae, age 6.

Keira is not very partial or discriminates to any one toy.. She is partial to EVERY SINGLE TOY in the house!
Top of the list is the Barbie dolls of course. She has 20+ Barbies.. and the collection keeps growing.

In her room, most of her toutous resides there and especially on her bed she keeps Champignon (aka Toad from Mario Bros). He is her most recent obsession to sleep with. So.. tons of dolls can be on her bed, only one gets to snuggle with her at night. Go figure. Champignon was an impulse purchase and love at first sight for Keira at Blockbusters of all places.

Sophie & Lili doll was a custom doll Keira chose on screen because she fell in love with the doll’s dress.

Right now, Keira is also very much into crafts, drawing and pasting/cutting. So all the Djeco painting boxes etc, are very much in use right now. All the Djeco and crafts come courtesy of xmas gifts from all her aunts and uncles.

So, top 3 that she plays with?

#1. Barbie (ALL of them!)
#2. Crafts, Colouring, Painting
#3. Champignon & all his toutous friends

Thank you so much Chantale!

Hope you enjoyed this little tour today!
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Favourite toys {Copenhagen}

Once upon a time… I had the idea to invite a few blog friends to share their kids favourite toys.
I always find it interesting to see how other people live, what they like and how kids can be different even so they are the same age.
Showing you a few favourite toys from my readers gives you maybe some inspiration.
This is the first part and I hope many more to come.

Tina is Traveling Mama and together with her 3 kids and husband she is living in Copenhagen. Called the Travelling tribe.
Traveling Girl: 10 years and Traveling boys: 6 & 2 years old.
They are originally from America.

The little camera is a sweet toy that my kids love. They love to take it on their expeditions… it packs nicely in their explorer backpacks and it has captured perfect photos everywhere from their African safari to their visit to Grandma’s! I love that it encourages their imaginations so much!

The top was a recent find, actually. My son is obsessed with tops and that is all he wanted for Christmas. We searched all over Copenhagen for one and just recently found this one in a little toy shop that is owned by an artisan who has been making heirloom quality wood toys for over thirty years. I couldn’t wait for the next occasion… he had to have it that day!

The car garage was a special gift from Grandma. Our older son went through two other plastic ones and it was his absolute favorite toy, but the other toy kept snapping or the track wouldn’t stay on. Last year their Grandma decided it was time for the boys to have something that would last and it certainly has! We started using it while we were in the States for six months. At the time we were staying with my sister who has three boys, so with six kids pounding on it, standing on it, and racing up and down, this garage stood up to it’s initial tests and has continued to be a favorite in our home.

Thank you Tina!

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