Summer holidays

summer holiday style

For us summer has already started. Here in Sweden temperatures are super for the last weeks and next Monday we are heading to California… summer here we are!

And with these pieces it might even be a little more fun:
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All about cacti

All about cactus

We had such a good and sunny week end and I hope you all enjoyed the same. It is such an energy boost to have light and we even had a little afternoon treat outside in a cute garden cafe… pure bliss!

And I am all over cacti right now {check this} … I think I will get a B I G one once we are back from our trip…

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Colourful Monday

colour explosion for kids

Yes monochrome looks splendid on pictures, yes I love black, yes white is difficult with kids…. yes, yes, yes… so lets go all crazy on colours for today:


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The best wash bags for kids

best wash bags for kids
We travel a lot which means that good bags/pouches for the bathroom stuff are essential. For us as well as the kids…

Here are my favourites:


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All about daisies

all about daisies


Daisies are found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica – did you know?

Here are some of our daisy favourites for the little ones….


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