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dot to dot

Dear Cara who helps with the Paul & Paula newsletter went to visit Dot to Dot for us! Here is her report:

This year’s Dot to Dot was the show’s 2nd birthday and 5th edition. This time presenting AW16 from established labels such as Beau Loves to the brand new Girls Talk to Boys.
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Mama Owl

mama owl // misha+Puff
mama owl // Oeuf NYC
mama owl
mama owl
A little over a year ago I introduced you to Mama Owl – an online shop specializing on wonderful knitted garments for our kids.

The shop has become a firm favourite of mine because it really makes my knit loving heart beat a little faster and I thought I will show you some news and make sure that new readers also benefit.

You can find the finest brands from the wool front like Oeuf NYC, Misha+Puff, Esencia, Mormor etc but also some exquisite organic brands to compliment the wardrobe, such as Soor Plom & Tiny Cottons.


mama owl // soor plom
And remember – a high quality knitted jumper or suit {or…} keeps you warm and can be handed down for generations.

And I find knitted garments on tiny baby just so cute!


mama owl
And as you can clearly see – wool can be so chic and cool.


.:: Mama Owl ::.


PS: I have these for baby Joséphine, too adorable!



Paul&Paula blog: small style // karajan
Paul&Paula blog: small style // karajan
Paul&Paula blog: small style // karajan

A new brand of cashmere for children aged 1-8 called Karajan to provide a touch of luxury to everyday family life with reasonably priced, machine washable cashmere in designs that are at once classic and playful.

Based in London it was started by two friends, Kate & Karen. Karen witnessed how much her daughters loved to wear her cashmere jumpers and the idea started…

Supersoft cashmere, perfect for children’s delicate skin. And the pieces can easily be passed on to siblings or friends.

My boy was so happy when he so the star cardigan and I told him it was for him. It is one of his favourites… it is cosy and light and also easy to put on and take off when it gets a little warmer. He does not like heavy knits, but a cashmere cardi… he cannot wait to wear again :)

And I love that pointy hat… she looks so cute in it… and the ear flaps are perfect with this windy weather we are having.



Best ice cream

ice cream

I love ice cream. I am not hiding it and I could eat it all the time, anytime and all year round.
Good ice cream will always make me happy and it is a long time favourite to share a nice pot of ice cream with my husband… when all kids are in bed {psssssssst}

So of course I know where to find my happiness in my favourite cities… and I thought, in the middle of the travel season, I will share these hot spots with you!
No summer city break with kids without lots of ice cream stops…

Where to find the best ice cream {my gusto} in:


They expanded quite a lot since we moved here and there is now a branch rather close to our house, they do know me very well.
Usually open from around April until October {depending on the weather} and some of the spots sell stamppots {read all about it here} during the winter season.
Check the website for the best ice of Amsterdam near you!


Already a bit more difficult because in Germany we like our ice salons and especially in Berlin there are many!
So this is difficult but my vote goes to Aldimir. Hard to beat. Every year they come up with new creations, make all ice cream as well as the waffles themselves and the only minus: it is very hard to decide as there are many yummy flavours!


Big city, lots of choice… but my vote goes to: Gelatorino
Authentic flavours made from ethically sourced organic ingredients!


When we were still living in Paris they just opened their first branch… luckily in one of my favourite corners so it quickly became our “after diner” treat.
By now they expanded a lot and the ice is still as amazing. Every time we book a ticket to Paris, I see the Amorino sign in front of me :)
Check here for all addresses!


Sporty summer with the smurfs

olympic smurfs
Oh I am very much looking forward to this sporty summer ahead of us.

{at least something to look at as I try to avoid the windows… Sunday was the coldest “Summer day” in 40 days}

Right now the French Opens are on, on Friday the opening match of the UEFA European Football Championship is scheduled then we have some Wimbledon and Tour de France.

And of course the Olympics starting at the End of July – my favourite event and so happy it is in Europe and I will be able to follow most of it.

To keep track this calendar might help and of course there are lots of apps you can download too.

It will be so much fun. Together with the kids we will support our teams from the sofa, have some nice {and healthy} snacks and cry when they loose and wave when they win… or am I the only one getting goose bumps when I see a happy winner?

And the smurfs you can get from here. Which one is your favourite?

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