Little Talk


Little Talk


We go to the train station to meet daddy who is coming home after work.
KleinR runs into his arms and he picks her up and gives me a kiss.
KleinR is looking funny so I ask her if I can get a kiss from her too…
“… but I did not work mummy…”
It is raining outside and I say to KleinR:
“Look, you see how hard it is raining?”
“… hmmm… look again…”
“Mama, I can’t see because my eyes are green.”
She has a friend in school.
“Today Oskar told me I am his friend.”
“Oh, that is nice. Tell me, there are 2 Oskars in your class…. right?”
“Yes. We have Oscar with O and Oskar with K.”
“And which one is your friend?”
“Oskar with K.”
(I love this.)


“Mummy, the lights on the street are out we have to get uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.”

Please share your latest cute conversations….


Little talk


KleinR has a little brother and one of her friends just had a little baby brother too.

Now one day she was asking:

“When I was a baby, I was a boy too?”

Isn’t that sweet and clever at the same time? I am always astonished how smart little people are already and the way of thinking… just wonderful…


And a few words here and there…. making my days….

“You are so sweet mama…”

“I am a big girl and big girls can stay up all night.”

“I am so happy to have a brother because he is cool.”

“Mama when you have to work, I can work too, so we can work together.”

How are you all and do you have any sweet conversations to share?


Little talk

My husband and KleinR made a chocolate cake this week end. They had to melt the chocolate and he explained the story of a bain marie… you know… not burning the chocolate and melting it slowly etc… after a while KleinR asked:

” And why does the chocolate need to take a bath?”


Dad: “Where is daddy born?”
KleinR: “In Paris.”
Dad: “Where is mummy born?”
KleinR: “In Berlin.”
Dad: “Where is Romy born?”
KleinR: “In London.”
Dad: “Where is Antoine born?”
KleinR: “In the hospital…”

Any sweet little talks you had with your kids? Please share them with us in the comment section…


Little Talk

A little journal for myself… keeping conversations I have with my kids, my daughter at this moment as the only things the little man says are: Maaaaaaama, Papaaaaaa and something like “Eida” and “Eidiiiiiiiiii”.
Treasures I want to share with you.

Romy: Can we go the playground?
Me: It is very windy and cold. And I am tired.
Romy: Why are you tired?
Me: Because I did not sleep much.
Romy: Why didn’t you sleep much?
Me: I don’t know honey.
Romy: Why you don’t know?
Me: …

During holidays.
Me: What would you like to do tomorrow?
Romy: Swimming.
Me: Ok, but apart from swimming. Anything else?
Romy: Swimming, the whole day swimming…
Me: Hmmmmmm…
Romy: Ok, shopping and swimming, shopping and swimming…

Maybe you would like to share a cute conversation you had with your kids?
Please do in the comment section.

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